Chest under skyforge!

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User Info: Dark_Dash99

5 years ago#1
I loaded my save, which i was at skyforge, and when i spawned i fell under the floor and saw the chest. There was dwarven, ebony, and glass weapons and some rare armor.
i was pretty amazed...but you guys probably already know about this

just thought id share kbye
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User Info: TetrisKingFISH

5 years ago#2
There are like 3 chests under WR. I found that out when I turned collisions off on ye olden PC
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User Info: INF1DEL

5 years ago#3

Every merchant has a hidden chest containing their bartering inventory.

User Info: shadowmoses2121

5 years ago#4
Why is there a chest there?

User Info: dookie0311

5 years ago#5
shadowmoses2121 posted...
Why is there a chest there?

It's Eorland's inventory.

User Info: robitussin217

5 years ago#6

I wonder if the chest resets even if Eorlund dies. 

User Info: TJMW2007

5 years ago#7
Easy way to get into the skyforge for those that were wondering.

User Info: dookie0311

5 years ago#8
TJMW2007 posted...
Easy way to get into the skyforge for those that were wondering.

That looks like it may be a little faster because of where you end up, but it doesn't look any easier than jumping on the barrel.

User Info: PsychoD_Boy

5 years ago#9
I loaded my save and the Skyforge was gone, just a hole with the chest in it.
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User Info: JohnRyan1228

5 years ago#10
didnt know about this. thanks for the info
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