Replace a word in a Skyrim quote with balls.

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User Info: dave192873

5 years ago#71

What do you want ball drinker?

User Info: jimbomcdeezzzy

5 years ago#72
You look like somebody who can get things done... I like BALLS

User Info: MoxRavager

5 years ago#73
ugh... you smell like wet balls
Please do not post a picture of your fecal matter. ~AverageAverage

User Info: toyotasupraman

5 years ago#74
*sigh* I am sworn to carry your balls...
Forza 4 + wheel = gearhead heaven.

User Info: q-w-e-r-t-y

5 years ago#75
youshallbeasgod posted...
Another wanderer here to lick my fathers balls.

So there are two cannibals eating a clown, one cannibal turns to the other and says,
"Does this taste funny to you?"

User Info: Oni_Tatsujin

5 years ago#76
Some may call this junk. Me, I call them balls.
"The SAFE was slain in battle. A great flaming nautical pyre carries it off to VAULTHALLA." - Gimme a view ;)

User Info: IamI3rian

5 years ago#77
Are you here to dishcush the ongoing hoshtilitiesh like the rest of the ballsh warriorsh?
Remember: IamI3rian told ya
Chuck Norris doesn't take arrows in the knee, arrows take Chuck Norris knee in the shaft.

User Info: Shadow_Fire41

5 years ago#78
i laughed so hard i teared up.

uh let me see........
"Looking for my husband? Check the Jarl's balls, thats where you'll usually find him"
Xbox Live - shadowolf0511, PS3 - TheShadowWolf, Wolves are awesome

User Info: oniskieth

5 years ago#79
Been tending your balls? You smell like a wet dog.
Roy's our boy!
One man's sunset is another man's dawn.

User Info: the_system_94

5 years ago#80
Those who shirk their balls will get an extra beating. Do I make myself clear?
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  3. Replace a word in a Skyrim quote with balls.

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