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User Info: Vargant_charM

5 years ago#1
okay, so i need wood elf blood for discerning the transmundane.
got to riverwood, looking for faendal, he's nowhere to be found.
teleported myself to his refID, and i somehow ended in a WEIRD room...
its a cross shaped room, with coloured lighting all over the wall...and i also found
most dead people's corpse without their equipment....and also some supposed to be "dead" npc that still walks around in there, saying the same line as if they were living...

any thoughts where the room is located? since i checked the map, but it shows nothing.
oh and i think faendal somehow died during dragon's attack, since i've been encountering dragon far too frequent in riverwood..

EDIT: saved the game, checked the game location: unknown location....wth..?
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User Info: DarkSymbiote

5 years ago#2
It's probably somewhere the game stores inactive things. You probably glitched yourself in there. There is also a glitch to go to a room where there are lots of chests.
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User Info: Oil_Rope_Bombs

5 years ago#3
I think that's the heaven of Skyrim, no joke. Not Sovngarde, but some room in the middle of nowhere.
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User Info: Vargant_charM

5 years ago#4
yeah....definitely not sovngarde....incase you need to check it out, just...
player.moveto ( dead npc reference id )

atleast now i can take some quest i didn't have the chance to.

edit: whoops, didn't notice this is xbox...
-successful men silence their voices before other cover their ears-

User Info: Talos5262

5 years ago#5
huh, why is a pc question doing in xbox forum?
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