How do I stop my game from freezing?

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  3. How do I stop my game from freezing?

User Info: Mikulekee

5 years ago#1
I freeze outside of Riften by the lake, by the lake down by Falkreath, and between Markarth and Solitude. It's not an issue with the disc since I installed on release day, and I've tried clearing my cache. I don't want to make a new character, either, because I like to do everything on one and this guy's level 60-something.

I thought they said that the patch would fix performance issues. : / Should I try loading a previous save?
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User Info: clone11

5 years ago#2
Try uninstalling the game and reinstalling it. I also think some of the updates are so large that you have to removed them yourself, so try removing them and reinstalling them as well. Deleting old saves can also help.
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User Info: howdyneighbor24

5 years ago#3
delete the patch and redownload it. Going into water crashes the game for some reason
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User Info: Mikulekee

5 years ago#4
reinstalling the game and redownloading the patch didn't help. I'm scared of deleting old saves, I might need them is this doesn't get fixed. do you think loading an older save could help?
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User Info: Mikulekee

5 years ago#5
trying out older saves, I fast traveled to Markarth so I could walk to Solitude and see if it freezes. when I arrived from my fast travel a ton of enemies (mammoth, giant,snowy sabercats, snow bears, frostbite spiders, a bandit marauder, and a dremora) spawned on me and attacked.

freaky stuff. any idea just wtf's going on with my game?
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User Info: TheLightningGod

5 years ago#6
Take it out of the freezer.

Ba dum tss.
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User Info: krono069

5 years ago#7
You change your sig for every post TC? O_o

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User Info: Mikulekee

5 years ago#8
it's just a dynamic sig. the pictures of Korra are set to cycle through gameFOX, and I change only a small portion of it to fit my post.
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User Info: SuperFlik

5 years ago#9
Check the file size of your most recent save, if it's over ~18 mb, you'll have to start a new character.
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User Info: MetalGearMk2

5 years ago#10
I had the same problem I'm around the same level to I just deleted all my unwanted saves or moved them to another storage device and just kept 2 saved games on the storage device i was playing off of and I haven't had any problems for monthes
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  3. How do I stop my game from freezing?

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