DawnGuard Your Thoughts And Review!!!! PLEASE POST.

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5 years ago#1
People in a few hours Dawnguard will release but i don't have the money for it. Please post here on your thoughts and overall review with very few spoilers ok if you have a little please warn first. Give your thoughts, what can be improved, whats your favorite stuff.THANKS!!!


5 years ago#2
BUMP... sorry for doing this want this to get high up to see the TES fans thoughts on Dawnguard.

User Info: Sparksfanboy

5 years ago#3
When does it come out for Xbox?
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5 years ago#4

User Info: IamI3rian

5 years ago#5
JACKSMMA posted...

You've got like 7 more hours. You might wanna hold off on the bump for a few hours after that, so people can, you know, play it and stuff.
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User Info: ramrod24xxx

5 years ago#6
Yeah it wont be released till like 5am eastern time.
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User Info: Bloodshot_15

5 years ago#7
More than likely it won't be out for actual download till about 3 - 5 am eastern time. That's the normal time that the xbox marketplace updates. From personal experience of pulling all nighters with friends for map packs and various dlc's it usually releases in that early morning time slot.

Then again it's possible they could do a midnight release but I wouldn't hold your breath. The earliest I ever saw a release was Old World Blues dlc for Fallout: New Vegas which popped up on xbox.com at about 3 am and then on the actual marketplace at 5 am.

Also, like I mentioned, if you really want to download it as soon as possible I would regularly check xbox.com tonight and early morning as they are known for putting downloads on the website a few hours before the put it on the marketplace.
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