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User Info: _Undying_

5 years ago#1
What did you forge?
What the hell is a "Bacchikoi"?
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User Info: gunsndroses

5 years ago#2
The crown! Yes, somebody else did this quest already!

The crown just seems so much more valuable. 2 standing stones?! Yes please! The shield is pretty cool, and I suppose it could definitely be of use... but my character did not use shields. And in all honesty, the staff seems worthless lol.

User Info: _Undying_

5 years ago#3
My character did not use any of those items, so i chose the shield. At least i could use it to decorate my home.
What the hell is a "Bacchikoi"?
This sig is really old.

User Info: gunsndroses

5 years ago#4
I liked how this quest didn't hold your hand a lot. There were very few quest markers- you actually had to locate the Dwarven locations! It was awesome!

User Info: Kingteb

5 years ago#5
i chose the crown also.. it seemed like the best one. and make sure you have the lord stone when you make it... its probably the best choice

User Info: TwistedMaestro

5 years ago#6
I did some experimenting with the crown, and for some reason you can't have the Lady Stone (health and stamina regen by 25%) and the Lord Stone(resistance to physical and magical damage) together. The Steed Stone (100+ carry weight) works with the Lord Stone though. Anyone else have the same problem?

User Info: agentspoon

5 years ago#7
The Crown.

I currently have the Steed Stone of my Character and the Lord Stone on the Crown.
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User Info: HeeroYuy0195

5 years ago#8
Personally,I found all of them a bit worthless,with the crown being the least worthless of the three.

The Shield is nice,but the whole REASON I use shield bash is so I can stagger an opponnet for the sole purpose of counterattacking with my own Power Attack.I could see it's use if you're being overwhelmed,but other than that,blah.

The Staff seems useful,I dunno,I dont use staffs on any of my mages.

The Crown definiatly has the greastest unique item enchant of all time,no doubt about that.but,it does however hinder anyone wearing a full set of either Light or Heavy armor.Seeing as it would hinder both full set and matching set Bonuses.
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