Power attack bite?

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User Info: Moritsuna

5 years ago#1
As vampire lord how do you do this? and does it count towards feeding?

User Info: gunsndroses

5 years ago#2
When a human (by human I'm including beast and mer races for simplicity) is low on health, perform a power attack in melee. That should let you nom on their necks. It heals you, and counts toward your perk progress.

User Info: JaqenHghar96

5 years ago#3
This isn't working for me. I'm at the point where you have to turn the priest into a thrall, but i end up just beating him into submission. i really need help

User Info: Smoke_Ghost91

5 years ago#4
Vampire seduction, and talk to him
GT= SmokeGhost91

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