How to start Dawnguard

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User Info: Jamese7eN

5 years ago#1
I read that you have to talk to any city guard to get a hint about the dawnguard questline I have talked to several city guards and the one in riften for ages but nothing, my save is endgame but I am a werewolf will this stop them from giving me the quest? Im really confused as to why it wont trigger any ideas? Thanks.
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User Info: TheKyubi

5 years ago#2
Make sure it's load up in the title screen. You know when the add-on is loaded when you go to downloadable content and you see Dawnguard on it.
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User Info: RustyAfro

5 years ago#3
I was also a werewolf and beat the main story, but i still got the quest from talking to a random guard in riften. Maybe use wait some more and just keep trying.

User Info: forrestzK08

5 years ago#4
I was in Whiterun and a DG orc was outside the main gate and told me about the attack on the vigilants and then told me to talk to the leader. Getting to the castle is a pain. Had to fast travel to riften to get the compass to point to the actual entry near the black briar lodge
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User Info: xDeadrebornx

5 years ago#5
INSTALL IT TO THE HDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no idk
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User Info: Jamese7eN

5 years ago#6
Yea I checked the main menu under add-ons and dawn guard popped up so thats reassuring, guess ill just keep trying hopefully I wont have to restart or something :(
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