VOTE: Top three best looking women. (or men)

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User Info: VexNoFace

5 years ago#1
1 Fura Bloodmouth
1 Sylgja's Mom
1 Serana
VexNoFace likes it rough.
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User Info: master_gamr1231

5 years ago#2
1. Farkas
2. Madesi
3. Argis the Bulwark
Why do people... betray one another? They might as well... all just die instead.
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User Info: I have no name

I have no name
5 years ago#4
1. Annekke Crag-Jumper
2. Serana
3. Sylgja
"Hear now the wise words of Plautus..."

User Info: XipwnUX999

5 years ago#5
1. Serana
2. Aela the huntress
3. Mjoll the lioness
you can fight like a krogan run like a leopard but you'll never be better than commander shepard

User Info: romana86

5 years ago#6
1. Vilkis
2. Farkas
3. Marcurio / Argis

Why do the majority of the male marriage candidates look like dirty old men? While most of the female marriage candidates are relatively young and pretty?

User Info: OEIO999

5 years ago#7
1. Aela
2. Lydia
3. Mjoll

User Info: VasDeferens

5 years ago#8

Idgrod the Younger

Ingun Black Briar
That's a clown question, bro .

User Info: turn_based

5 years ago#9
Queen of Solitude

That breton @ Hag's Cure

Vegetable Lady in Whiterun
--- now playing Gears3, MW2, Reach, & MyCity2

User Info: EmptyStar12

5 years ago#10
1) Vald
2) Comander Maro
3) Thonar Silver-Blood
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  3. VOTE: Top three best looking women. (or men)

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