Boes before Crossboes

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User Info: IamI3rian

4 years ago#11
ROT10RYAN posted...
If you take quick shot after taking necromage as a vampire, the effect of quickshot is increase via the necromage/vampire exploit.

Rikashi posted...
A3QU1TAS posted...
Jkickit posted...
How does Necromage effect bows?


It boosts certain perks in the Archery skill tree.

*Leans back and whistles*

Thank you ALL... that's why we did that.

Note the lack of Jammy and me (until now) bothering. = )

Can't speak for him, but yeah... we both still check these I bet.
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User Info: DoctorSkeleton

4 years ago#12
with the right perks, quick shot, deadly aim, etc and 100 archery, crossbows are death at a push of a button, awesome for assassinations.
exploding bolts too.
i wish there was a dragonbone crossbow to craft, with dragon bolts

User Info: Anyte

4 years ago#13
I like the percussive sound, and I find the flight trajectory easier to snipe with. I'm usually sneak sniping, so the high damage far outweighs the fire rate.

User Info: SuperFlik

4 years ago#14
Dwarven Crossbows have higher base damage, and since I only use bows while sneaking, not reason not to use a crossbow over a regular bow.
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User Info: ROT10RYAN

4 years ago#15
Elemental Fury affect bows too, someone should test the dps of a vampire with Necromage and Quickshot, along with a Hunting Bow smithed to the max and level 3 Elemental Fury. Methinks it'll rain death like no other, maybe give it a name like arrow storm or something.

User Info: Jkickit

4 years ago#16
So crossbows for sneak, bows for non-sneak archers?
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User Info: Kevageit

4 years ago#17
I just enjoy using my dragonbone bow more than a crossbow.

I like the challenge of sniping things as far away as I can without having a direct line using the crossbow. Having to adjust for the distance is a fun challenge.
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User Info: headscar918

4 years ago#18
Jkickit posted...
So crossbows for sneak, bows for non-sneak archers?

Well, it's more like Crossbows are better for sneaking, but bows can still be used in every area. Just not as good in Sneaky stuff. Still good, but crossbows are better for assassination-y stuff.
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User Info: parkent

4 years ago#19
I use Crossbow with Fire Breath, it alows me to shoot, press the shout button, reload, and when the enemy is to close the Fire Breath goes off they stagger backward then I fire again.
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User Info: infinitexx

4 years ago#20
ROT10RYAN posted...
Elemental Fury affect bows too

It doesn't.
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