You can not enchant a circlet with fortify smithing

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  3. You can not enchant a circlet with fortify smithing

User Info: JCvgluvr

4 years ago#1
I just tried this myself and found out that it couldn't be done. In addition, you can't enchant any headgear or footgear with fortify smithing,

I made this topic because I couldn't find an answer when I searched for it in the forums here. I also couldn't find the information on the Skyrim Wiki. I had to do a whole bunch of crazy stuff just to figure this out on my own. So if I can save someone else the trouble, then I will be happy to help.
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User Info: Machines_Of_Dog

4 years ago#2
from uesp:

Items to EnchantThe Fortify Smithing effect can be applied to the following items:

Chest pieces

not that you need a wiki to work it out...
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User Info: xGenocidest

4 years ago#3

Just look at the table near the bottom.
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User Info: BigRobb2389

4 years ago#4
yea, thats why some items are more unique than they appear. Some items can't be enchanted with certain effects. Like Rahgot with fortify 70 stamina, Otar with 30% resist elements, or Savior's Hide with Resist magic. You can enchant stuff equal or greater to those numbers, but the enchantment on the item itself is what makes it unique.

User Info: tzar_666

4 years ago#5
indeed. like 100% disease immunity.
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  3. You can not enchant a circlet with fortify smithing

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