3 Standing Stones At Same Time?!

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User Info: D3x1

5 years ago#1
( I have "DawnGuard" DLC and with it , Aetherial Crown )

I was going to train my Magic skills , but first i had to go and get Mage stone and Lover stone, but once i picked up Mage stone ( Stone that will 20% Faster raise your Magic skills ),
My Warrior stone didnt remove. It just said ; Mage Stone Added.

Atm , Im having 3 Standing stones at the same time, ( Which is cool of course ) , But i would like to know has anyone else had this problem? (or not a problem ofc since i get 35% Faster levels to Magic and Warrior skills )

Kinda cool , and it doesnt seem to matter if i change them , im still able to get 3 Stones.

I noticed this when i picked up Mage Stone , and my Warrior Stone didnt remove itself , after that i went to check my Effects, and there they were ; Warrior, Mage And Lover Stone

User Info: DrJawless

5 years ago#2
Weird, I only ever got two stones.
I'd imagine some quack telling you that you have "multiple personalities" and "psychotic tendencies" would be pretty annoying. - Fishystick

User Info: tzar_666

5 years ago#3
ive seen this before dont know how or why it works
psn tzar666
xbox davethebakerx2
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  3. 3 Standing Stones At Same Time?!

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