the question is... library or kitchen?

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  3. the question is... library or kitchen?

User Info: greeneritgets

5 years ago#1
so i made my east wing the greenhouse now im wondering, should i add that cool looking tower (library) or a kitchen???

User Info: clone11

5 years ago#2
Kitchen. I regret building the library. The tower is extremely small on the inside.
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User Info: BigRobb2389

5 years ago#3
library is strictly book storage, thats it, with a balcony at top.

Kitchen has some cool stuff, and the oven.

For my first house, I was doing alchemy theme, so I went with greenhouse, alchemy tower, and library. The kitchen was good, but saving that for my family home. Kinda wish I made falkreath my family home, but oh well.

User Info: greeneritgets

5 years ago#4
for some strange reason in skyrim, i always collect books and put them in to bookshelves so would the library have a lot of perk for that?

User Info: Embo-1

5 years ago#5
^ I'm the same, except I make sure I have read the book first before it goes on a shelf so that when I look back I know what I've read
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User Info: charon78au

5 years ago#6
There seem to be no bookshelves without the library. I have the kitchen, bedrooms and alchemy tower in my Falkreath home. Pretty good setup.
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User Info: TheBeastWithin

5 years ago#7
Yes, the library is small for my tastes but it does contain about 10 bookshelves. It isn't enough to place every book in the game, but you can store a lot of them.

I made a scholar's house with a library, trophy room, and greenhouse. It is like a natural history museum.
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User Info: dyze

5 years ago#8
The library really bumped me out.. I pretty much bought the DLC hoping to finally be able to build me huge library with all the books in the game.. just be surrounded by bookshelves... and all you get is a small alcove with a few shelves squeezed in there.. very disappointing :(

Sooo.. I think I'm just going to do like that youtube dude with the skulls.. screw furniture and just cover the entire house floors with books.

User Info: _Pingu_

5 years ago#9
I spent ages deciding and finally went for the library. It sucked, get the kitchen.
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User Info: VMEssier

5 years ago#10
I disagree about the library sucking, there are 22 shelves, with space for 11 books on each. 242 books is quite a bit, plus there's a chest or two as well. Now, I was annoyed at not being able to have both the library and the armory, but as my current character had more books in his inventory than weapons....

It would have been nice to have an entire wing with bookshelves, but it's the best option if you want a place to display all the books you have.
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  3. the question is... library or kitchen?

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