Let's compile a list of all adoptable children and potential stewards

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User Info: VasDeferens

4 years ago#41
I wished Babette could have been a steward , lol .
Team Aela vs. Team Serana

User Info: obishawn

4 years ago#42
VasDeferens posted...
Is Svari the girl that was at Roggvir's execution ? Aww, I might adopt her one day . I felt sorry for her losing her uncle Roggvir .

Yeah, same here. I hadn't planned on adopting, but I think I will now.

Feefore posted...
Steward: Annekke Crag-Jumper you just have to complete the Kill bandit leader quest for her, which could be weird if you married her daughter

Total milf!

laurencium posted...
Frodnar, the boy in Riverwood who likes to play pranks on people, is also adoptable provided his parents Hod and Gerdur are dead. Like Drothe, he will move to the orphanage in Riften after his parents' death. They still kinda hang out together even at the orphanage.

So... even though we can't kill the annoying ass children, we can still remove them by making them orphans?
Winter is coming

User Info: the_killer_6666

4 years ago#43
This was featured on Kotaku:
Earthquake on the east coast, east coasters freak out. Blizzard in Los Angeles, west coasters will freak out. Tsunami in the mid-west, earth will freak out.

User Info: josefrees

4 years ago#44
I want to know who the kotaku spy is!

User Info: levyjl1988

4 years ago#45
So Bethesda's message to the public is it's okay to adopt children.
In Fable 3 it's okay to have unprotective sex and desert your children... interesting takes... disappointed you cannot turn your kid into a vampire/werewolf/assassin.
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User Info: obishawn

4 years ago#46
josefrees posted...
I want to know who the kotaku spy is!

This. My first thoughts exactly. Maybe they just lurk, but then again, one of you just may be a spy...

*suddenly becomes suspicious and paranoid of everyone*
Winter is coming

User Info: Cast_Supremacy

4 years ago#47

User Info: Alessar

4 years ago#48
Still curious about Aranea. Also, can you give stewards items the way you can normal followers? I might want to put Noble's Clothes or something on my steward.

User Info: BladeX65

4 years ago#49
Aela of the Whiterun Companions, i already beat the Companion quests, not sure if that had anything to do with being able to or not
GT - Blade X65

User Info: viewmaster_pi

4 years ago#50
Golldir makes a badass steward and follower.
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  3. Let's compile a list of all adoptable children and potential stewards

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