can you get rid of kids you dont want anymore?

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User Info: Talon5967

4 years ago#31
Kids can't be killed, you can adopt a max of two, and I don't think you can disown them. So I'm pretty sure the only way to get rid of them is to delete Hearthfire, load your game so the deletion registers on the file, then redownload it.

I've only adopted one kid so far (the homeless girl that Hearthfire places in Whiterun), but the only time she runs up to me was to give me something, and when I come back after leaving the city (I kept her in Solitude while I was building the house). After that, she went wandering around, including going out into the city.

Not sure if you're aware of this, but you need child's beds in your house to adopt. Hearthfire houses have reserved spots for the beds (in the same room as your own, if you build a bedroom wing), but with the pre-existing houses something gets replaced. Whiterun replaces the alchemy lab (so they sleep in what looks like a closet), Riften replaces the enchanters table (they're stuck in the basement). Solitude actually has a really good one. The shelves outside the door to your bedroom are removed, and a door is put in its place. The kids get their own bedroom next to yours, in a room that didn't exist before.

Not sure about Windhelm and Markarth. Didn't have houses in those cities. Windhelm is big enough that they probably get put in a corner on the first floor, take over the other bedroom on the second floor, or their beds replace some of the useless crap in the main bedroom (there's a lot of useless crap in there IMO). The size of the Markarth house tells me that something will get replaced (it's about the same size as the Whiterun and Riften houses). Probably the enchanter's or alchemy tables again.
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User Info: Grieverx90

4 years ago#32
Nah i dont think you can get rid of them, i beat them lol and they still come back..i have 2 daughters and want a daughter even fault a giant with her fist -__- nothing happens..i think the best way its to just start over or like someone said here delete hearthfire and re-download it?

User Info: ssjmatthew

4 years ago#33
tzar_666 posted...
YoungingV3 posted...
it is a personal attack on my teacher through me. your picking on my sentence structure. just apologize to me and we can move on.

ok fine. im sorry...

Next time on maury, this woman has 6 children, and over 50 men COULD be the father.
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User Info: Hellbringner1

4 years ago#34
DeadlySmurf posted...
I decided against adoption when I found out you can't beat your kids. How are they supposed to learn anything?!

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User Info: F_Galikanokus

4 years ago#35
Joe_Cobbs posted...
YoungingV3 posted...
say if i adopted a kid by accident, is there a way to increase or pay for the kidnappers to appear?

Yes but you have to move to Mexico. But then there will be a chance that Denzel Washington will expose you and convince you to commit suicide.

In short: not that I know of

Or he may just tape your hands to a steering wheel and cut off your fingers one by one using the cigarette lighter to cauterise the woulds, so there's that too...
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User Info: YoungingV3

4 years ago#36
what the hell

User Info: legendX66

4 years ago#37
YoungingV3 posted...
what the hell

you seem to have been on gamefaqs awhile. how are you not used to this?
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User Info: marcussl55

4 years ago#38
Xtypegamer posted...
I vote for having only educated people on the internet!

Gamefaqs will be alot more empty.
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User Info: RebelElite791

4 years ago#39
Why has nobody commented on "Heartwarden"?

Come on, obvious troll...
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User Info: YoungingV3

4 years ago#40
so if you get the name wrong you are a troll now, thats quite a cheap shot.
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