Skyrim belongs to the _____!

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User Info: marathonplayer1

5 years ago#11
Ajd_King posted...
Argonians, clearly.

All other answers are wrong!
well, you know the old saying.
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User Info: IamI3rian

5 years ago#12
DrunkenPeasant posted...
IamI3rian told ya

User Info: DrunkenPeasant

5 years ago#13
IamI3rian posted...
DrunkenPeasant posted...

Yeah I was feeling pretty deep, booze tends to have that effect on me...
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User Info: Surmatise

5 years ago#14
It belongs to the Draugr
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User Info: Omega_Gilgamesh

5 years ago#15
DrunkenPeasant posted...
[rant was deleted to avoid wall o' text]

I'm not sure what to call that: objectivism, nihilism, or realism. The term "objectivism" is moot due to everyone claiming they're objective when they're not, so they wouldn't understand what that term implies when I describe that paragraph. "Nihilism" has too many bad conotations to it, and realism is often associated with Machiavelli, and when I think of Machiavelli, I think of the term Machiavellian, and when I think of that term, I think of politicians, and when I think of politicians, I kick my dog out of anger. I don't want to kick my dog, the courts told me they would take him away if I did it again.
So the "Tobi is Obito" theory was correct, big deal.

User Info: i8g4wl

5 years ago#16
Other: great ME!

User Info: Medeyer

5 years ago#17
The_Viking_Swan posted...
Skyrim belongs to the Science god!

Richard Dawkins?

User Info: GriffRoberts

5 years ago#18
From: DrunkenPeasant | #010
Skyrim used to 'belong' to the Snow Elves until the Nedes came along and took it off them, the Nedes became the Nords and in true Narcissistic human nature actually convinced themselves that this is their undisputed land that is an extension of themselves and not it's own separate object with no real connection to them whatsoever, despite the fact that they had just hijacked Skyrim from someone else, they ironically refuse to accept the possibility that the same could happen to them at anytime and that their 'home' is essentially fair game to invaders strong enough to claim it, that's entitlement for you.

That's called "Nords protecting their interests and hoping they're more successful than the Snow Elves were".

Yes, I bit.
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User Info: RebelElite791

5 years ago#19
Medeyer posted...
The_Viking_Swan posted...
Skyrim belongs to the Science god!

Richard Dawkins?

Carl Sagan, smh.
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User Info: LordOfCinder

5 years ago#20
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