Skyrim Board: What is your IRL job and how would it transfer into Skyrim?

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User Info: bitstream5

4 years ago#181
Another lawyer here. I am thinking vampire lord or some other form of bloodsucker
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User Info: hochey08

4 years ago#182
AHL player, so i guess mercenary

User Info: phishface

4 years ago#183
WovenHand posted...
lol at this kid and his online Marine identity.

I don't want to derail this excellent topic, but there's no reason for your disbelief. A lot of soldiers play videogames. There's even a gamefaqs board for them:

As this topic demonstrates, the gaming community has grown up over the last couple of decades, and many of us now have careers, one of which is the military.

User Info: YamatoBeats

4 years ago#184
Walmart Inventory Management.

Sooo... A redguard slave.

User Info: OrbanSirgen

4 years ago#185
Well, I am currently a student with experience with warehouse work.. People tend to not notice me when I'm around, so I guess I would be an Argonian thief or assassin hiding out at the College?

User Info: OahuVillain

4 years ago#186
Chef... in Skyrim I suppose that would mean I'd end up being an assassination contract during a massive government conspiracy.

User Info: nihtwing

4 years ago#187
I work as a cashier and count/prepare money and checks for deposit to bank. I also count/prepare money and checks for deposit as a volunteer at a church I go to.

I would imagine closest Skyrim translation would be clerk/bookkeeper for one of the temple of divines?

User Info: DravenRainrix

4 years ago#188
Data Inputter for an Engineering firm. AKA - Office Gimp......

So in Skyrim I'd be one of the torture victims in the DB Sanctuary......... CAUSE THAT's HOW IT FEELS!!!!!

(At least being a torture victim you have a death to look forward to, here I have nothing to look forward to......)
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User Info: Khy

4 years ago#189
Bartender. So that one should transfer pretty well.
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User Info: drumble89

4 years ago#190
Shift Runner at I guess I'll just be a butcher?
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