What is the name of your dragon?

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User Info: Shaminardrgn

5 years ago#61
I think the best thing to do is to name the dragon using the dragon language.

Here is mine.


Sun Eyes Servant!

My dragon would be one that flat out refused to join Alduin in killing/enslaving mortals and instead returned to the heavens and guarded the gods; only now, he has been tasked with protecting you from this new menace that plauges the world.

Go ahead, use the dragon language to craft your own dragon name; it's fun!
"If Ripto were here, I'd give him a piece of my mind!" : Moneybags from Spyro 2

User Info: dylmeister

5 years ago#62
Hunglikeadwarf ":D

User Info: Valshren

5 years ago#63
Princess FluffyShines: Guy or Girl

User Info: headscar918

5 years ago#64
Richard Johnson

User Info: bretopher

5 years ago#65


User Info: CaIiber345

5 years ago#66
Aegea (ay-juh)
Something using the Dragon language.
"See Skyrim as have the Nords, since the gods first shaped the world." Hrothmund Wolf-Heart, "Nords of Skyrim"
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  3. What is the name of your dragon?

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