What armor do you use? *mega original topic*

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  3. What armor do you use? *mega original topic*

User Info: x5N1P3Rx_X513

5 years ago#1
Just to gain consensus from the current GameFAQs population, what do you use? - Results (155 votes)
Hide and Studded. I don't require strong armor in my palythroughs.
3.87% (6 votes)
Iron. I pretend I am the Dovahkiin from the trailers.
3.87% (6 votes)
Steel. It looks realistic and is decent when fully forged.
5.81% (9 votes)
Elven. Golden armor is badass!
7.1% (11 votes)
Dwarven. Nothing compares to looking like a golden centurion.
1.94% (3 votes)
Scaled. It looks like Hide but is far stronger.
3.87% (6 votes)
Steel plate. It still looks realistic but is stronger than regular steel.
4.52% (7 votes)
Orcish. The jagged armor is reminiscent of an evil Samurai. Heck yeah I'll wear it!
1.94% (3 votes)
Ebony. The black knight vibe is too much to resist!
9.03% (14 votes)
Other. Ran out of spaces. See message.
58.06% (90 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Glass. Arcane appearance and a strong alternative to Elven.

Daedric. I'M A DEMON! ROAR!

Dragon. The parts are so heavy I want to use them. Looking awesome isn't so bad either.
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User Info: DoomtheGrav

5 years ago#2
Nightingale, player.
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User Info: TKDBoy1889

5 years ago#3
Glass user right here. There may be better materials but an RPG is all about roleplaying, and glass armor both looks and sounds badass. Not to mention, with good perks it's actually pretty dang good protection.

User Info: nathraxh

5 years ago#4
I run around naked, just to hear the comments.
"Where the hell is my steak?" - Ghandi.

User Info: Xydru

5 years ago#5
I wear just about everything but Dwarven and Dawnguard Light armor.
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User Info: DarkSeraphM

5 years ago#6
Ancient Nord. Best looking armor for females.
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User Info: TheWhirr

5 years ago#7
other ancient falmer because it looks amazing on my dark elf.
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User Info: Travarkas

5 years ago#8
It varies, but mostly light armor. Probably Nightingale / Thieves Guild Armor for the most part.
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User Info: EmptyStar12

5 years ago#9
Blades, just because it has the highest armor rating.
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User Info: Falletaris

5 years ago#10
Dragon Scale. The best light armor and shows off that I am a dragon slayer.
XBL GT: iamRevan117
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  3. What armor do you use? *mega original topic*

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