What armor do you use? *mega original topic*

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  3. What armor do you use? *mega original topic*

User Info: deadpool223

5 years ago#11
i go with hide. i dont really need armor all that much and hide armor looks cool.
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User Info: x5N1P3Rx_X513

5 years ago#12
My Argonian rocks dat Dragonscale, but the helmet looks like a warped piece of driftwood sitting on my head >_>
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User Info: Stormvale12

5 years ago#13
Daedric hands down for any character using heavy armor. I use the dark brotherhood armor for all my assassins.
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User Info: TaigaWilliam

5 years ago#14
Other: Shrouded or tavern clothes. I'm an invisible death goddess, so I frequently go in clothes that look good and my ancient shrouded gloves.

User Info: shadowkingxp

5 years ago#15
Dragon plate.
Mixed and matched to look like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.

Whiterun Guard armor, Imperial Light Boots and Bracers, Nightingale Hood.
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User Info: LordTalyn

5 years ago#17
Vampire Royal Armor or Dragonplate (both with Aetherial Crown)
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User Info: Sahuagin

5 years ago#18
at the moment Glass + Nightingale chest or Thieves Guild chest when I want to carry a lot
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User Info: megATOMOS

5 years ago#19
Ancient Nord and Helm of Yngol

User Info: The_Viking_Swan

5 years ago#20
Official World's best Walrus
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