What armor do you use? *mega original topic*

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  3. What armor do you use? *mega original topic*

User Info: magnusmagnetic

4 years ago#31
I wear Nord hide. White flesh birthday suit.

I do not freeze in Skyrim simply because I am NORD.

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User Info: XcaIIion

4 years ago#32
i am currently wearing cicero's gettup. those gloves are op as all ****
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User Info: mhr74

4 years ago#33
dragon bone cause it looks sweet

User Info: Fate_Assassin

4 years ago#34
NightingGale, you just can't argue with that cape.
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User Info: I_hate_cocoa

4 years ago#35
Jagged Crown
Savior's Hide
Dragonplate Gauntlets
Dragonplate Boots

User Info: parkent

4 years ago#36
Full Dwarven with Spellbreaker and Dawnbreaker
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User Info: Agent_Slash

4 years ago#37
I generally use the strongest light armor available to me. On my current character, that would be Glass armor. Once I get my smithing high enough, though, I'll start using Dragon Scale armor.

User Info: roadkill888

4 years ago#38
Heavy Falmer armor. I love that stuff.
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User Info: kraven867

4 years ago#39
At the moment it's a full set of Dawnguard heavy, with full helmet. Like the overall look of it, but may change it to something better.
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User Info: WhereDidItGo

4 years ago#40
richiesusername posted...
WhereDidItGo posted...
I've got two main characters I'm running now.

One is a female Imperial spellsword, and she's wearing dawnguard light armor (the grey piece with the single left shoulder pauldron) with the Diadem of the Savant. I'll also swap out to the Aetherium Crown with atronach stone when fighting mages.

The other is a female Nord mage who is also a vampire. She's wearing peerless robes of destruction (black robes with hood) and Thalmor gloves and boots.

Where do you get the Dawnguard armor with only one shoulder piece? I've seen tons of NPCs wearing it but can't find any of my own.

It's the light Dawnguard armor that is grey-ish in color. There's three different colors and they have their own unique designs. Gunmar should have all the different colors for sale.
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  3. What armor do you use? *mega original topic*

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