What armor do you use? *mega original topic*

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User Info: Wonder_Bred

5 years ago#51
For light armor, I really like running around in fur.

For heavy armor, I really like romping around in the wolf armor.

For night-time shenanigans and murderings, Ebony Mail, ebony boots, Nightingale hood, and Nightingale gloves.
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User Info: F_Galikanokus

5 years ago#52
I've been rockin Daedric for a long time now, mostly because you can wear any dragon priest mask and still get the set bonus. But now that my heavy armour is nearly maxed out I'll be switching to light dragon armour soon. Also when I'm walking around town I'll wear my Arch-Mage robes, predator's grace, and a set of gloves cus it just feels weird walking around town in my armour.
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User Info: Lockeadon

5 years ago#53
TKDBoy1889 posted...
Glass user right here. There may be better materials but an RPG is all about roleplaying, and glass armor both looks and sounds badass. Not to mention, with good perks it's actually pretty dang good protection.

what do you mean by sounds?
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User Info: SNESdude11

5 years ago#54
Mythic Dawn robes, the hooded version. I have no use for armour really, since i'm a mage/assassin hybrid and I'm rarely seen.

User Info: Dreadsword101

5 years ago#55
Full dragon scale armor with custom enchantments. I would use the Guild Master's armor, but I can't put my own enchantments on them.

User Info: afrodude77

5 years ago#56
DB armor
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User Info: Zephyriuum

5 years ago#57
I use Hide armor when i'm doing some uninportant quests,and i use the Ebony Mail along with the rest of the ebony set for important battles,live the civil war,final boss,i use the Nightingale armor when i'm fellin' Stealth.
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User Info: Ajd_King

5 years ago#58
Dragonscale is on my main character. Kinda matches my Argonian. Kinda.
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User Info: SnkSolid3

5 years ago#59
Fur is all you need. Especially with a baller fur helmet.
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