Bethesda took too long for DLC...

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User Info: The_Beer_Scotch

4 years ago#101
Mixorz posted...
AuraOfSouls posted...
Mixorz posted...
Rikashi posted...
Hey look, it's Mixorz again. Long time no see, huh?

Also, lol @ implying everyone is playing those games you've mentioned.

I got Borderlands 2, XCOM Enemy Unkown, and Halo 4. I'll probably pick up Blops 2 at some point since all my friends and co workers will be getting it. Anyway, gaming fans that work have bought a game since Skyrim. It's been like a year. Even ones that don't I'm sure have cried to mommy to buy them a new game.

Wow... just wow... you sound like some teenager that finally got a minium wage job and thinks he is better than everyone else. Just stop, child. You're embarassing yourself.

Lol you sound mad and jealous. Stop kid you're embarrassing yourself. And I could post what I do but most likely it'll be met with false claims of me working at Taco Bell or living with my parents or some typical Internet message board insult. I love how everyone that posts here is automatically some unsuccessful loser. I guess people need to think everyone sucks as much as they do.

And to the other poster, correct. Skyrim had a lot of potential but its wasted at this point. I could see if Skyrim was some small title, but it sold well. No excuse for the bad support.

And they could've always got another dev to do DLC if they're really busy.

But thats exactly what you do.

"Everyone who enjoys this game lives with their mum and should do chores for more games".

I have no idea who you are, and care little about your attitude... or your history.

But don't be a hypocrite son. Thats just sad.
The road goes ever on and on....

User Info: CaIiber345

4 years ago#102
Valmanways4Ever posted...
I agree. They definitely should have removed content from the game and released a steady stream of quest and weapons packs. I'd pay 800 MSP for curved swords. Curved. Swords.

Epic win.

Or you could just, you know...go kill those annoying-as-f*** Alik'r. I do. :p
"See Skyrim as have the Nords, since the gods first shaped the world." Hrothmund Wolf-Heart, "Nords of Skyrim"

User Info: FredCat07

4 years ago#103
With all those coming out - I still come back to best games, included this game; Brawl, AC2, Metroid Prime Trilogy (replaced Original 1 in GC version) and very few other.
I used to be hearing person like you, until I took the fever in my ears. ~FredCat

User Info: BarneyBosco

4 years ago#104
I agree TC. Still enjoying battlefield 3 premium. Seen this topic on the home page. Love that Dark Souls DLC on the side too. inb4 those people lol.

User Info: Bubba787

4 years ago#105
Oblivion had DLC out at the same intervals of time. No one had a problem with them...
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SSJGrimReaper: Well...okay. As long as we don't make eye contact it should be fine.

User Info: Brenz0r

4 years ago#106
Bubba787 posted...
Oblivion had DLC out at the same intervals of time. No one had a problem with them...

Were you not around for Horse Armour?
"We get serious about fictional girl underpants, and kid around when it comes to topics like world hunger." ~Teepo on CAGN

User Info: Tactician_Lord

4 years ago#107
Mixorz posted...
Tactician_Lord posted...
Mixorz posted...
With Borderlands 2 out, Halo 4 out, Assassins Creed 3 out, and Blops 2 coming out, there's really no point in Skyrim DLC. Especially since Borderlands 2 already came out with a pretty big DLC one month after release.

Well, Bethesda made their downloadable content instead of simply locking something. Be glad Bethesda still does things right and isn`t directly in your face saying "I am legally stealing your money!"

What's funny if Bethesda came out with DLC within a month or two everyone would be crying tears of joy. Double standard much?

Nice factual anecdote! Magnificent evidence! Incredible analysis! >_>

Now you need to prove that claim...

PS: The first few sentences were sarcasm, just in case.
You are trying to understand madness with logic. This is not unlike searching for darkness with a torch.

User Info: parkent

4 years ago#108
I have Borderlands 2 and Assassin's Creed 3, but I always return back to Skyrim. They have kept ME interested!
I'm not lazy, I'm useless. Big Difference.

User Info: Resultsmayvary0

4 years ago#109
I bought AC3 on release and haven't played more than an hour of it because I'm working on a new character in Skyrim. And I've had Skyrim since release day, still not getting old.

User Info: Rikashi

4 years ago#110
quantumtheo posted...
Rikashi posted...
Mixorz posted...
all my friends will be getting it.

Whoa, that's like... two people and a sock puppet you call Mindy?

Slow down there, cowboy.

It's "Remember, Remember the 5TH of November" Mr. Sarcasm....


I can't believe I was wrong all this time! Thanks for the heads-u, bro!

It's not like you're the fifth or sixth idiot already who doesn't get it or anything like that...
*~Remember, remember, the 10th of November~*
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