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User Info: theonyxphoenix

5 years ago#1
Since there are always an abundance of questions popping up on the boards about "how do I make a ______ character?" or "is this a good build?", etc. I thought it might be a good idea for board members to post their builds for the reference and benefit of others. Skyrimblog provides many good builds and I still recommend giving them a browse. As the case may be, I like to have information contained to GFaqs for easy viewing.

I also think an indicator should be given as to the amount of specificity needed in the build Novice, Apprentice, Expert, Adept, or Master. For example Novice can pretty much be achieved by throwing darts at a perk board. Doesn't require any special attention, equipment, etc other than a basic cohesion to the perks. While Master is planned out completely down to perks, equipment, blessings/quest boons, may include glitches or special techniques/knowledge, etc, etc.

An example:

Arcane Archer
Uses Enchantments on bows along with bow bashing and blocking techniques

Level: 51
Race: Breton
Stats: 100/600/100

- 11 Archery; 5/5 Overdraw, Eagle Eye, Power Shot, Quick Shot, Critical Shot, Hunter's Discipline, Ranger
- 9 Enchanting; 5/5 Enchanter, Fire Enchanter, Frost Enchanter, Storm Enchanter, Extra Effect
- 3 Sneak; Stealth 1/5, Backstab, Deadly Aim
- 7 Destruction: Novice Destruction, Augmented Flames 2/2, Augmented Frost 2/2, Augmented Shock 2/2
- 4 Smithing; Steel Smithing, Arcane Smithing, Elven Smithing, Dwarven Smithing
- 9 Block; Shield Wall 5/5, Deflect Arrows, Elemental Protection, Block Runner, Quick Reflexes
- 4 Light Armor: Agile Defender 1/5, Custom Fit, Unhindered, Windwalker
- 3 Restoration; Novice Restoration, Regeneration, Necromage

Auriel's Bow/Custom Enchanted Bow
Ancient Falmer/Elven Armor Set
Agent of Mara, Lord Stone, Breton
Blessing of Auriel (Marksman + 10%)

* Quick Shot taken while a Vampire with Necromage to increase draw speed
* Augmented Element increases power of all enchantments if an Elemental Enchantment is inlcuded on the item. This allows Fear to affect enemies over level 50. Undead to turn more powerful enemies, etc.
* If two Augmented Elements are combined on the same item then both are increased by 50% allowing for around 75 damage/element.
* Blocking with a shield and switching to a bow or switching bows while zooming with Eagle Eye allows you block with the bow

User Info: IamI3rian

5 years ago#2

You post a super fun awesome topic, that's gonna take all my attention away, eleven minutes after I post a super boring tedious and long thread to test stuff?

...AND we're enemies now. = D

I'll post my archer, my Alik'r, my bounder, my take on the Skystrider, and a few others (mage build etc...) when I can. Probably after I test a few followers.
Remember: IamI3rian told ya.
I could write a book about what you don't know. --Skeletor

User Info: Nathypants

5 years ago#3
Oh ho ho.

I would, but mine are usually just roleplay builds, i.e Scholar, Hunter, Mercenary, etc.

They're rather weak compared to real builds.
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User Info: IamI3rian

5 years ago#4
It's ok I think Nathy... that's why the grades from Novice to Master. We'll certainly need some novice builds in here too.
Remember: IamI3rian told ya.
I could write a book about what you don't know. --Skeletor

User Info: magikot9

5 years ago#5
Shadowscale (Apprentice)

Race: Argonian
Standing Stone: Shadow
Minimum Level: 56
Stats: 3:1 Health:Stamina
Required Plug-ins: None
Required Shouts: Aura Whisper, Marked For Death, Throw Voice


Recommended quest lines: Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Mage Guild.

Recommended Gear:
Helm - Fortify Alteration, Fortify Illusion
Neck - Fortify Alteration, Fortify Illusion
Ring - Fortify Alteration, Fortify Illusion
Chest - Fortify Alteration, Fortify Illusion
Hands - Fortify One-Handed, Fortify Sneak
Feet - Frost Resist, Fire Resist
Weapons - Mehrune's Razor, Daedric Dagger with Paralyze and Absorb Stamina

Basic play style:
Creep slowly through dungeons and forts, taking your time to find the best mode of attack. For large groups sow chaos with Frenzy and Fear spells. For single targets cast paralyze from range to make them helpless and then deliver a coup de grace from stealth. Illusion and Muffle lets you run around with near impunity.

Use Aura Whisper as often as possible to gather information and help you time your attacks. Throw Voice can lure enemies away and over traps. Marked for Death helps take down larger foes when you are forced to fight. When you are forced to fight your Histskin power makes you practically immortal.

User Info: JoeSnake132

5 years ago#6
Mage Assassin

Spend the first 50 levels of the game as a pure mage. Once you accomplish most quests, start using assassin skills (illusion, alch, sneak, and 1h) to do DB and Thieve's guild questlines

Level: 50 (as pure mage) around 63 you will finish up assassin techniques
Race: Altmer (me personally), Breton, Khajiit, or Dunmer
Stats: 200/upwards of 400/ 150 (personal preference of loot weight)

Mage up to 50:
Assassin skills on top:

*Enchanted gear eventually overrides anything, but focus on
Magic regen gear on the way
*Doing college quests early on is recommended for Archmage robes, his shoes, staff of jyrik gauldurson, and his necklace (Savos too).
*Eventually have one set of enchanted gear for magic and get nightingale (including armor and blade/chillrend for assassin. Blade of woe and Mehrune's razor for backstabs).
*Build has being a vampire in mind (hence necromage, but it is good for augmenting fire spells on undead as well).
*many of the trees can be personalized
*Mage stone -> Apprentice stone -> and can have atronach stone if preferred.
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User Info: theonyxphoenix

5 years ago#7

Focuses on using the Werewolf form and taking perks that carry over while in that form.

Level: 32
Race: Redguard
Stats: 100/420/100

- 13 Alteration; All perks except Master Alteration
- 4 Restoration; Novice Restoration, Recovery, Avoid Death, Regeneration
- 4 Illusion; Novice Illusion, Animage, Kindred Mage, Quiet Casting
- 6 Sneak; Stealth 1/5, Muffled Movement, Light Foot, Silent Roll, Silence
- 5 Alchemy; Alchemist 1/5, Physician, Benefactor, Experiementer 1/3, Snakeblood
- Werewolf; All perks

Ring of Hircine
(Optional) Ring of Namira
Archmage Robes
Savos Aren's Amulet

Sailor's Repose
Mother's/Father's Love
Blessing of Mara
Agent of Mara
Atronach Stone

* If the Ring of Namira is equipped when obtaining the Cursed Ring of Hircine the Namira ability is permanently equipped even without wearing or carrying the ring. This allows for +50 healing when feeding as a werewolf and increased regen.
* Sailor's Repose/Parent's Love/Regeneration/Blessing of Mara all add to the healing power of Avoid Death
* Flesh spells along with the werewolf's natural armor allows you to hit the armor cap at level 45.
* Atronach Spell and Perk provide 80% Magicka Absorption
* As a Redguard with Snakeblood you are immune to poison
* Werewolf howls are silenced by Quiet Casting
* Werewolves move silently even while running with the Silence perk since they are considered unarmored.
* Atronach Stone, Archmage Robes, and the Amulet provide magicka for flesh spells.

You can add other perks to this for human form or add the power of cloak spells through the Destruction tree.

User Info: Mick65

5 years ago#8
Crocodile(nickname of a flame throwing tank in WWII)
Race: any
Primary skills: heavy armor, one handed, block, destruction.
Secondary skills: restoration, enchanting, smithing.
Quests: Main quest, start companions, start college, start dawnguard(good guys side).
Shouts: Fire breath.
Perks: Juggernaught 4/5.
Armsman 4/5
Fighting stance
Savage strike
Critical charge
Bone breaker 2/3
Shield wall 1/5
Quick reflexes
Power bash
Deadly bash
Deflect arrows
Elemental protection
Block runner (at 70)
Novice through expert destruction
Dual casting
Augmented flames 2/2
Intense flames
Augmented frost 1/2
Augmented shock 1/2
Novice restoration
Recovery 1/2
Steel through ebony smithing
Arcane blacksmith
Enchanter 4/5
Insightful enchanter
Fire enchanter

Standing stone: Mage stone early then warrior stone to lord stone later.
Meditate on fire breath.
Equipment: smithed fire enchanted ebony mace. Ebony armor, gauntlets, boots with fortify destruction, magic regen, elemental protection,. Ebony shield with block or magic resistance OR Targe of the blooded. Crossbow for horseback.
Nahkriin .

Currently level 45 Nord. Early play with best armor found/forged and mages hood. This build is perfectly viable with advanced smithing, steel plate looks the best, and steel weapons for the entire game and will open several perks for use elsewhere. Will most likely go back to mages hood when two enchantments become available.
Any destruction line could be substituted, but fire stacks, and then stacks and then stacks some more. The Targe also stacks on itself, multiple quick bashes result in multiple bleeding over time effects, may or may not combine with hack and slash from axes

Currently level
Principally Anthropic

User Info: jrr18

5 years ago#9
demi god
max all crafting skills preform potion loop and one shoot every thing with your infinity plus 1 iron dager
victory threw superior fire power
psn jrr101

User Info: Sparklelord

5 years ago#10
Great thread idea. Here's one I posted to an extent months ago.
I''m especially proud of it.

The Atronachs
100% spell absorption, Heavy Armor, and Alteration to offset the low damage of Unarmed and Destruction.

Race: Argonian, Khaijiit, Orc
Standing Stone:The Atronachs
Minimum Level:41
Stat Ratio:3:5:3


This build is immune to magic, dragon shouts, and poison when a ward or spellbreaker is equipped and active. Vampirism affects this build (see below).
Keep in mind that spell absorption reflects how often a spell is absorbed, not how much of it is.

The typical playstyle is to cast an Alteration spell and a cloak spell, and run into combat ready to punch. A shield is held in the off hand for added protection since the build's high magicka stat leaves the player vulnerable, despite the defenses. Destruction and Restoration are for Dragons and high level undead respectively. Lastly, this build has access to paralysis, so the player has the option of debilitating the opponent if things become dire.

Conjuration and Spell Absorbing
All summoning spells (except summon Arvak) are rendered useless by Spell absorption as it will absorb the effects. This is an intended game mechanism, not a glitch.

The shouts Call of Valor and Summon Duurnehviir are also absorbed for a quick magicka replenishment, yet still require shout recharging.

The spell Guardian Circle is also absorbed, replenishing Magicka inside of it instead of health.
Useful for strategy.

Necromage Vamparism affects perks. If you don't know how, search it.
The perks "Fists of Steel", "Recovery", and "Atronach" are all affected by being a Vampire with necromage when you take those perks. The Vampire side of Dawnguard also gives a ring useful to this playstyle, though is not necessary.
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