Would you sacrifice Voice Acting in the next elderscrolls game for more content?

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  3. Would you sacrifice Voice Acting in the next elderscrolls game for more content?

User Info: bretopher

4 years ago#81
Skyrim has a lot of content. What it really needs is more depth to that content. And I wouldn't want to sacrifice voice acting in skyrim, it adds a lot to the personality of the game.

User Info: GG08

4 years ago#82
Okay, when I said no voice acting I meant it would be like Morrowind. Like they still talk when in battle and stuff and greet you but thats about it. Should have been a little more clear about that.
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User Info: lordsofshadow

4 years ago#83
I played morrowind I hate the lack of voiced dialogue . There's no personality for me.

User Info: i8g4wl

4 years ago#84
IamI3rian posted...
In a heartbeat.

User Info: Unbridled9

4 years ago#85
Sure. But set it in a 16 bit world as well. That way it can be AMAZING!
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User Info: the_reaper849

4 years ago#86
im actually the other way around.

id sacrifice content for an improved experience.

the last two felt like they spent too much time designing a map (both of which turned out to be pretty bland and boring) and left everything else as secondary details.

a smaller map with better questlines and loot (since its practically non-existent in skyrim) is waaay more important to me than more stuff to stare at.
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User Info: Derejin

4 years ago#87
Personally, I think it'd be a nice thing, if done like in Morrowind. The small amounts of voice acting - greetings, battle voices, and the like - are nice, but since most of the dialogue is text, you are free to imagine what they sound like or how they say it.
In addition, as has been stated before, no voice acting allows for more dialogue.

Imagination is a huge part of any roleplaying game, even if you don't realize it.
Morrowind seemed to get this right, as the customization, open world, and freedom allowed you to play how you wanted it, including the ability to kill Essential Characters.
Sure, you can mod away the Essential tags, but the game won't really recognize that that particular character is dead. Without voice acting, dialogue for such an action could be added to related NPCs much more easily.
Not to mention you don't hafta wait for them to finish their speech to perform or finish an action.

Sure, Morrowind had basic greetings that played over and over as well, depending on the circumstances, but they were shorter, and they can play in any order, not just with the first one in a lineup.
Plus, the voice acted greetings that played as you passed the NPC still helped keep things lively without having to stop and read a subtitle box.
If there's already voice acting, having them say the first line in their dialogue EACH TIME YOU RE-ENTER THE MAP
(.. yeah, actually, it's not that bad, but I like playing things up for comedy.)
Anyway, it can still get repetitive.

No voice acting allows for more freedom in an open-world game. However, a little voice acting can help set atmosphere without having to go to the Cloud District to prove that you didn't go there to lick his father's boot while discussing the ongoing hoshtilities after buying vegetables from a girl who works with her mother to sell fruits and vegetables near Belethor's Shop, which you should come by since he works there but on your way avoid TALOS, BORN OF THE NORTH, WHERE HIS BREATH IS LONG-WINDED.

User Info: DarkSeraphM

4 years ago#88
I have mixed feelings about this.

My head wants to immediately say yes, but my heart knows that some of the best little touches in Skyrim are the random conversations you overhear. Or the little snippets like bandits b****ing about child support payments. These wouldn't exist without spoken dialogue. I'm not saying I wouldn't love playing a game that was essentially Morrowind with Skyrim graphics, but like a poster above me indicated, Skyrim as is doesn't even take up half the disc.
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User Info: xxIron_Dragonxx

4 years ago#89
IamI3rian posted...
In a heartbeat.
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User Info: robitussin217

4 years ago#90
I'm not sure.

I think the Nordic accents may have helped catapult Skyrim to its insane popularity, kind of a companion to the influence of Swedish and Icelandic pop in the U.S.
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  3. Would you sacrifice Voice Acting in the next elderscrolls game for more content?

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