What Do You Want Out Of Dragonborn?

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User Info: Machines_Of_Dog

5 years ago#41
polls should always have a vote for 'Other'

me? i'd like to see DLC for PS3 out of DB...
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User Info: TheSkyHasTrees

5 years ago#42
For it come out on PS3... :l
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User Info: Uglyface2

5 years ago#43
All I want is my moneys worth. The idea of paying $60 for 3 DLCs which altogether are nowhere near the amount of the content in the main game, which is the same price, just plain pisses me off. DG wasn't worth it IMO. Frankly I'm surprised nobody here gives a damn about it, but I guess you all are bigger fans than I am. I'm a frugal fan.

$60? Wait, how much did you pay for Hearthfire?

User Info: AviaraBlue

5 years ago#44
I want a large area to explore as well as a nice bit of new quests.

New Followers, new marriage options, new adoption options (Lets face it, probably more elves on Solts then men so elf kids maybe), i know we may have new possible homes too.
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