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User Info: theonyxphoenix

5 years ago#1
Here is information collected from useful threads all in one place. Please don't post until the end. Credits include in no particular order: jammymacster, IamI3rian, Xydru, Razorium, obishawn, Cast_Supremacy, casimirney, LordTrinen and many other contributors and testers. This is a collaborative community effort.


- 010 Magicka Regeneration
- 020 Health Regeneration
- 030 Stamina Regeneration

[100] MAGE
- 110 Magicka Resistance and Absorption
- 120 Dealing Magic Damage
- 130 Enchantments per Perk/ per Level

- 210 How Smithing Works
- 220 Weapon Damage
- 230 Unarmed Damage
- 240 Armor
--- 241 Smithing and Enchanting
--- 242 Fewest Perks
--- 243 No Smithing
--- 244 Mage Armor
- 250 Shields and Blocking

[300] THIEF
- 310 How Stealth Works
- 320 Trading, Fortify Speechcraft, and Fortify Barter
- 330 Rare Apothecary Satchel Locations
- 340 Hearthfire Alchemists' Handbook

- 410 Exterior Word Walls
- 420 Shouts and Perk Interactions

- 510 Reader Achievement List
- 520 Good Equipment Obtainable Early
- 530 Fast Travel Guide
- 540 Necromage Perk Interactions

[600]Useful Links


- 010 Magicka Regeneration

Master Robes..................150%(187%)
Ring of Recovery..............100%(125%)
Morokei Dragon Priest Mask... 100%(125%)
The Apprentice Stone..........100%(125%)
Restoration Perk: Recovery....50%(62%)
Elsweyr Fondue................25%(31%)
Amulet of Akatosh.............25%(31%)
Blessing of Akatosh...........10%(12%)
Total 560% (698%)

*Magicka Regeneration Rate Value: 3% out of combat, 1% during combat.
Total regen/sec = [Maximum Magicka]*[regen rate value/100]*[(magicka regen boost%+100)/100]

Ring of Recovery vs Ring of the Erudite
Ring of the Erudite Value 5% in combat, 1.6% during combat (5.5, 1.8)

Example: 500 magicka, Vampire/Necromage, All available items:
Ring of Recovery (+100% Regen) 500 * .01 *6.98 = 34/sec
Ring of Erudite (+100 Magicka, Increase MRegen) 600 * .01 * 1.8 * 5.73 = 61/sec

Minimum Magicka Investment 100 base + 100 (Elswyr Fondue) + 100 (Ring of Erudite) still gives you 30/second.

(Numbers) indicate a PC Vampire with the Necromage Perk. Being both a vampire and having the Necromage perk (regardless of order obtained) must happen first.

- 020 Health Regeneration

*Health Regeneration Rate Value: .7% out of combat, .49% during combat.
Total regen/sec = [Maximum Health*[regen rate value/100]*[(health regen boost%+100)/100]

* Health = Health Enchants + Ring of Namira + Blessing of Arkay
* Regen = Regen Enchants + Lady Stone + Ring of Namira + Meditation on Feim

Total regen calculations assume 600 health at level 51.

Health ....355(453)...280(360)+50(62)+25(31)
14(18)/sec Ethereal, 13(16)/sec Physical

Using Elixir of the Healer (Fortify Restoration +50%) prior to equipping:

Health ....495(677)...420(584)+50(62)+25(31)
19(27)/sec Ethereal, 17(25)/sec Physical

*The Ring of Namira ability can be permanently obtained and used without the ring itself if you have it equipped when the Cursed Ring of Hircine is auto-equipped during Ill Met by Moonlight

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User Info: theonyxphoenix

5 years ago#2
- 030 Stamina Regeneration

*Stamina Regeneration Rate Value: 5% out of combat, 1.75% during combat.
Total regen/sec = [Maximum Stamina*[regen rate value/100]*[(stamina regen boost%+100)/100]

Stamina is required for running (7/sec + 2% per worn weight), Shield Bash (35), Power Bash (55), Bow Zoom (10/s), and Power Attacks (2*20+weapon weight or 3* 20+weapon weight if dual wielding).

Most values for Health Regeneration and Fortify enchants are the same for Stamina although you can equip the Dragon Priest Rahgot for an additional 70 stamina. Since Power Attacks and Bashing only require 1 stamina to activate it is unnecessary to have high regen unless you are wanting to run or use bow zoom. Options that can be used for repeated power attacks:

- A weapon with a Stamina draining enchantment
- A supply of edible Restore Stamina ingredients (Purple Mountain Flower, Silver Perch, Histcarp, etc)
- Beef Stew (Raw Beef, Carrot, Garlic, Salt Pile)
- Venison Stew (Venison, Salt Pile, Potato, Leek)
- Vegetable Soup (Cabbage, Potato, Leek, Tomato)

[100] MAGE

Magicka damage reduction is prioritized in the order of Absorption, Magicka Resistance, then Elemental Resistance

- 110 Magicka Resistance and Absorption

Magic attacks are most any non-physical attack and includes dragon breath, poison, fire, shouts, and disease as well as the fire, frost, and shock elemental spells.

Magicka Absorption acts first and is represented by a percentage to activate, not what percentage of damage is reduced. If the spell is absorbed, all of it is absorbed. Fortify Destruction potions taken prior to choosing the stone or the perk will increase the percentage, permanently in the case of the perk, and until a new stone is selected for the Atronach Stone. Magicka Absorption absorbs all summon spells (including summon shouts, but not Vampire or Werewolf summons) as well as the Shadow Warrior Perk. Magicka Absorption will also absorb almost 300 magicka/second from the Master Restoration spell Guardian Circle.

Atronach Stone................50% (62%)
Atronach Perk.................30% (37%)
Atronach Stone + 200% Potion..100%(130% Potion)
Atronach Perk + 334% Potion...100%(180% Potion)
Stone + Perk + 125% Potion....100%

Any race, with no perks, can reach the 85% magicka resistance cap just by shopping around for magicka resist necklace, shield, or rings. Items begin at 10% (12%) at level 8 and increase to as much as 22% (27%) at level 48+. Any race can reach 70% resistance as early as level 8 or 80% with Lavender Dumplings (+10% for 60 seconds) and can hit the cap with items by level 24 by using the Lord Stone (25%) and Agent of Mara (15%). Of course Breton's have an innate 25% magicka reduction.

Elemental Resistance is factored last. Dunmer and Nords have Fire and Frost Resistance 50% respectively. Vampires have Frost Resistance values are dependent upon the stage of Vampirism and whether you have the DLC plug-in. Other found elements with resistances:

Otar Dragon Priest Mask..........30% All
Helm of Yngol....................30% Frost
Nightingale Armor................20% Frost, 30% (level 19+), 50% (level 32+)
Boots (Archmage's Quarters)......40% Shock
Ancient Helmet of the Unburned...40% Fire

Purchased boots also offer elemental resistance starting at 15 points at level 1, 30 points at level 8, and increases up to 70 at level 40+. By level 8 with the right equipment you can reduce a 100 point magicka attack to 6 for fire, 4 for frost, and 6 for shock...less with racial resistances. This is with no enchanting or perks.

- 120 Dealing Magic Damage
The skillful battlemage ensures that the enemy is already defeated before the battle begins.-The Art of War Magic

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User Info: theonyxphoenix

5 years ago#3
- +10 to Fire Spells when taking the Illusion Perk Aspect of Terror. +15 if taken with Augment Flame 2/2
- Repeatedly casting fire (and some restoration ) spells stacks the 10% burn damage
- The Disintegrate perk effectively reduces all enemy health by 15%.
- Fire Damage slightly edges out Shock for damage and costs less, but Shock also damages magicka.
- Frost Damage is the most resisted/nullified element in Skyrim and shouldn't be focused on for damage alone.
- Fortify Destruction Potions can increase damage up to 75% (5/5 Alchemist, Physician, Benefactor) 150% with 100% Alchemy Gear
- Inflicting an enemy with poison (Weakness to Magic, Weakness to Element, Weakness to Element & Poison) can increase damage.
- Stacking damage sources like summoned creatures + cloak/wall spells + destruction magic is the most effective.

- 130 Enchantments Values Per Perk/ Per Level
I go to my death victorious, for I have done what no other enchanter in modern times has done.- Brarilu Theran

With a Grand Soul Gem
(x1.16) with Enchanter's Elixir factored last
(x1.25)Equipped value for Necromage Vampire
Max#Equips:Base:100 Enchanting:Enchanter 1/5:2/5:3/5:4/5:5/5___Purchased Value at level 01:08:16:24:32:40:48

Additional multiplier: Insightful Enchanter (x1.25)
(4)Heavy Armor.....08:10:12:14:16:18:20___12:15:17:20:22:25:25
(4)Light Armor.....08:10:12:14:16:18:20___12:15:17:20:22:25:25

Additional Multiplier: Corpus Enchanter (x1.25)
(4)Regen Magicka...20:25:30:35:40:45:50___00:00:20:30:40:50:50
(3)Regen Health....10:12:15:17:20:22:25___00:00:20:30:40:50:50
(3)Regen Stamina...10:12:15:17:20:22:25___00:00:20:30:40:50:50
(2)Fortify Unarmed.05:06:07:08:10:11:12___Not purchasable

*Fire, Frost, or Storm Enchanter (x1.25)
(4)Disease.........25:31:37:43:50:56:62___Level 10- 50%, Level 20- 100%
(3)Magic**.........10:12:15:17:20:22:25___Not purchasable
(4)Poison..........15:18:22:26:30:33:37___Level 5- 50%, Level 15- 100%

**enchantment unique to the Shield of Solitude; Both magic resist enchants can be on the same item

(4)Carry Weight........15:18:22:26:30:33:37___See below
(4)Fortify School......08:10:12:14:16:18:20___12:15:17:20:22:25:25
(1)F.School/Regen 10%..05:06:07:08:10:11:12___See below
(1)Muffle.................... -n/a-........___Levels 11- 100%
(3)Waterbreathing............ -n/a-........___Level 1- 100%

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User Info: theonyxphoenix

5 years ago#4
Purchased Fortify Carry Enchantments
Level 1:25...4:30...6:35...17:40...30:45...47:50

Purchased Fortify School/Regen Enchantments
Level 01:12%/50%....Level 08:15%/50....Level 10:15%/075....Level 16:17%/50.
Level 20:17%/100....Level 24:20%/50....Level 30:20%/125....Level 32:22%/50
Level 40:22%/150....Level 40:25%/50


There are two of these enchantments so it can be applied twice

Silent Moon*.......10:24:30:34:40:44:50

*Silent Moon is bugged and has no effect.

with Fire, Frost, Shock Enchanter + Augment Perks

Damage Stamina is affected by Fire Enchanter and Augment Fire

Turn Undead........10:24:30:34:40:44:50

Paralyze...........02:04:06:06:08:08:10___Appears after level 14
Soul Trap..........04:08:12:12:16:16:20
Fiery Soul.........05:12:14:16:20:22:24


- 210 How Smithing Works
Looking to protect yourself or deal some damage?

Smithing enchantments and potions work to increase your base skill level. The list below shows what smithing skill value is required to reach each tier of improvement and what bonus are applied to the weapon/armor. For example if you have 87 skill and a 37% enchantment you will 119 skill (87*1.37).

Level..Skill with perk: Skill without Perk / +Base Weapon Dmg -- + Armor

Fine........: 14 : 14 / +01 -- +2
Superior....: 22 : 31 / +03 -- +6
Exquisite...: 40 : 65 / +05 -- +10
Flawless....: 57 : 100/ +06 -- +13
Epic........: 74 : 134/ +08 -- +17
Legendary...: 91 : 168/ +10 -- +20
Legendary2..: 108 : 203/ +12 -- +24
Legendary3..: 125 : 237/ +14 -- +28
Legendary4..: 143 : 271/ +15 -- +31
Legendary5..: 160 : 305/ +17 -- +35
Legendary6..: 177 : 339/ +19 -- +38
Legendary7..: 194/ +21 -- +42
Legendary8..: 211/ +23 -- +46
Legendary9..: 228/ +24 -- +49
Legendary10 : 246/ +26 -- +53
Legendary11 : 263/ +28 -- +56
Legendary12 : 280/ +30 -- +60
Legendary13 : 297/ +32 -- +64
Legendary14 : 314/ +33 -- +67
Legendary15 : 331/ +35 -- +71

- 220 Weapon Damage

- (base damage + smithing increase) * (1 + 0.5 * skill/100) * (1 + (.2 x perk) * (1 + Enchantment Bonus/100)
- Swing speed (melee) and Draw speed (archery) also contribute to overall damage per second.
- Froki's Bow, Auriel's Bow, Bound Bow, Zephyr, and Dragonbone Bow fire faster allowing for more damage/second.
- Dragonbone and Daedric have a higher power and provide higher damage/shot (more efficient for sneak attacks).
- Bound Sword and Axe, since they lack the the ability to be tempred must rely on Fortify Enchantments to do comparable damage.

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User Info: theonyxphoenix

5 years ago#5
- Higher material weapons are an aesthetic perference. The difference between a Skyforge Steel Sword and a Daedric Sword is always only 9 damage.
- Fortify Marksman potions affect all weapon damage. Canis Root allows for double effective Fortify One Handed/Fortify Marksman Potions.

- 230 Unarmed Damage

Without using the Fortify Restoration Loop, the maximum damage you can achieve is 100 for a Vampire/Necromage Khajiit and requires the following process:

- Alchemist 5/5, Physician, Benefactor, Enchanter 5/5, Insightful Enchanter, Necromage
- 100 Enchanting skill, 100 Alchemy skill
- (7)Filled Grand Soul Gems, (1)Falmer Helmet, (1)Circlet, (1)Necklace, (2)Gauntlets, (2)Rings
- (1)Abecean Longfin, (1)Salt Pile, (1)Enchanter's Elixir, (1)Snowberries, (1)Spriggan Sap

The method:
1. Drink Enchanter's Elixir
2. Enchant 5 pieces of Fortify Alchemy Equip (Ring, Gauntlet, Circlet, Falmer Helmet, Necklace)
3. Equip Fortify Alchemy Gear
4. Make Fortify Restoration Potion
5. Unequip/Reequip Fortify Alchemy Gear
6. Make a Fortify Enchanting Potion
7. Drink Fortify Enchanting Potion
8. Make Fortify Unarmed Gauntlet and Ring

You can increase damage by making/purchasing a Fortify Restoration potion and drinking it before equipping you gear. The boost will remain as long as the items stay equipped.

- Results
Khajiit (With template)
Base (Argonian: 10, other races: 4)..10
Khajiit (other races: 0).............12
Daedric Gloves with Fists of Steel...18(22)
Fortify Unarmed Gauntlet Enchantment 14(28)
Fortify Unarmed Ring.................14(28)

Total = 68(100)

If you have Dawnguard you can forego enchanting and use the Ring of the Beast (+20 unarmed) as it works in all forms and for all races.

Base (Argonian: 10, other races: 4)..10
Khajiit (other races: 0).............12
Daedric Gloves with Fists of Steel...18(22)
Ring of the Beast....................20(25)

Total = 60(69)

- When attacking unarmed, moving the analog stick in different directions quickly can result in up to 3 attacks per swing, greatly increasing DPS.
- If you equip two staves and remove the deequip the left hand staff it can result in allowing your left hand unarmed attacks to deal damage with no attack animation. This allows for rapid multiple attacks. This can also be done by equipping a staff in the right hand and a spell in the left, charging the spell, and deequipping it via the favorites menu

- 240 Armor

- 241 Smithing and Enchanting

With Enchanting, Smithing, and Armor perks it is extremely easy to hit the armor cap with any armor. Enchanting is required to hit the cap with armors that do not benefit from smithing perks.

100 Smithing, 100 Enchantment, Ancient Knowledge, Blacksmith's Elixir, Shield, (4) Fortify Smithing 25% Items

Upon checking the chart this gives you an effective smithing skill up to Legendary8 (Ancient Knowledge adds a bonus to smithing, too). That is +46 per piece for perked armor and +24 for unperked items. You only need a base+smithing rating of 115 to reach the cap if you have 5/5 armor, custom fit, matching perk, and accumulated knowledge. Obviously any armor with a collective rating of 19 or greater hits the cap, even without a shield. Here are some found sets that don't benefit from smithing.

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User Info: theonyxphoenix

5 years ago#6
Material: (Full Set Base) Smithing Perks:Armor Perks: Well/Custom Fit: Matching Set:Enchanting Perks(5/5, Insightful):Total Perks

Ancient Shrouded..(72) 0:2:Y:Y:6:10
Fur...............(46) 0:3:Y:Y:6:11 (556)
Guild Master......(76) 0:2:Y:Y:6:10
Hide..............(40) 0:4:Y:Y:6:12
Leather/Forsworn. (52) 0:3:Y:Y:6:11
Linwe.............(69) 0:2:Y:Y:6:10
Nightingale.......(69) 0:2:Y:Y:6:10
Old Gods..........(50) 0:3:Y:Y:6:11
Shrouded..........(58) 0:3:Y:Y:6:11
Thieves' Guild....(60) 0:3:Y:Y:6:11

+1 Perk for Arcane Smithing on all but Fur, Hide, and Leather

Compare this to materials with perks:


* Using Ebonyflesh you can reduce the need for up to 2 perks
* The Lord Stone can eliminate the need for 1 perk

- 242 Fewest Perks

With Enchanting it is easy to hit the armor cap, but what about those who don't want to bother with all of the crafting skills? Well, any armor can reach the cap with just perks in Smithing. Here are different materials and the perks necessary to reach the cap. Those that are very close to the cap are indicated with the armor value.

Template: 100 smithing, 100 armor skill, Ancient Knowledge, Blacksmith's Elixir, Shield.
*Ancient Falmer is available in Dawnguard and must include an Elven Helm and Shield since the set has no helm and shield of it's own, but is tempered using the Elven Smithing Perk

Material: Smithing Perks: Armor Perks: Well/Custom Fit: Matching Set:Perks

Dwarven..2:2:Y:N:5 (566)
Ebony....4:1:Y:N:6 (555)
A Falmer.2:1:Y:Y:5

* If removing the shield you will require 1 additional perk to hit the cap
* Using Ebonyflesh you can reduce the need for up to 2 perks
* The Lord Stone can eliminate the need for 1 perk

- 243 No Smithing

Now what if you don't want to be bothered with any crafting, including smithing? Well, there are two ways to go about it. Having high Conjuration to use the Atronach Forge...or, after level 27, buying Glass equipment or looting it from the Thalmor at Northwatch Keep. Ebony Boots are substituted for Daedric Boots because the Daedric Boots crafted at the forge are unusable by the player. Of course this includes Ancient Knowledge and 100 armor skill and shield.

Daedric. 0:5:Y:Y:8 (558 or 470 w/no shield)
Glass....0:5:Y:Y:7 (438 or 372 w/no shield)

* Daedric needs an extra perk because of Tower of Strength
* Using flesh spells can add 40/60/80/100 armor
* Lord Stone adds 50 to your armor rating

- Mage Armor

What about if you don't care for traditional armor but want to focus on Alteration. Well the most you can achieve is 300 with Mage Armor 3/3 and Ebonyflesh unless you use the Master Spell Dragonhide which automatically sets the 80% resistance cap (but that's no fun). There are pieces of armor that you can equip that do not inhibit the Mage Armor perks from working. Those are:

- Diadem of the Savant
- Amulet of Articulation
- Fine Armguards
- General Tullius' Armor
- Locket of Saint Jiub DG

With General Tullius' Armor, Fine Armguards, Diadem of the Savant, Amulet of Articulation, Steel Shield, Ebonyflesh, 3/3 Mage Armor, 100 smithing, 100 heavy armor, Juggernaut 5/5 = 590. While not wearing boots the armor cap is 592.

Total Perks: 10

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User Info: theonyxphoenix

5 years ago#7
- 250 Shields and Blocking

Blocking used to be calculated (and detailed by pms00 on his Youtube channel) as:

With 0 skill or perks:

Daedric Shield.53% damage resist
All Weapons....42% damage resist
Iron Shield....50% damage resist

With 100 blocking:

Daedric Shield. 63% damage resist
All Weapons.... 60% damage resist
Iron Shield.....56% damage resist

After testing this is found to not be the case any longer (as of what patch is unknown since this hasn't been brought in to question until 1.7). The block cap is still 85% and reduces the damage that has already been reduced by armor damage reduction. All weapons (and torches) regardless of type or size block the same. Here are the blocking damage reduction for shields and weapons per perk investment in Shield Wall. Note: 100 Block Skill.

Shield no armor...47:52:54:58:62
Weapons no armor. 44:49:53:57:61
Shield and armor. 45:50:52:56:63
Weapons and armor 43:50:52:59:63

Now the final results are pretty much the same, but remember the first numbers are with no perks. It was assumed that with each perk in Shield Wall you would increase the damage resistance and that Daedric Shields and weapons could reach the cap with 4/5 in Shield Wall. As we can see that is not the case.

All weapons and shields block for 40% without perks. Each perk in Shield Wall acts as a Fortify Block +10% enchantment. As you can see you need around a 22-24% Fortify Block enchantment to reach the cap..

Weapons block just as well as shields but do not benefit from Arrow Deflection, Elemental Protection. Shield Charge can be used with a two-handed weapon, 1-handed weapon with shield, or 1-handed weapon with an empty left hand. With a shield you can press block and then begin running. With weapons you need to sprint first and then rapidly press block as you approach the enemy. The charge seems to work momentarily when you begin and stop blocking.

Another shield tidbit: sneak, hold down block, then sprint and you can sprint indefinitely when using a shield.

[300] THIEF

- 310 How Stealth Works
Walk always in shadows, so that you will see your foes before they see you.- Jensassa

Sneaking is affected by multiple variables including weight of armor, sound, movement, line of sight, ambient light, and whether the target has detected you before. Optimally, minimizing all of these effects provide the best opportunity for a sneak attack.

Armor Weight
Penalty is determined by total weight. Equal weight, regardless of type, incurs the same penalty. 0 weight clothing, the Steed Stone, Unhindered (Light Armor), or Conditioning (Heavy Armor) removes this penalty.

Casting a spell, using a shout, and even moving causes noise. Although the Quiet Casting perk eliminates the sound completely for spells, it doesn't do so for all shouts (targeted shouts in particular). The noise you make as you move also incurs a penalty which is not affected by armor type and can be removed with muffle effects.

Predator's Grace, Muffle (spell), Silence Perk, PC Created Muffle Enchants, Nightingale Boots 32+ = 100%
Muffled Movement Perk, Nightingale Boots 19-31, Found/Purchased items with Muffle, Ebony Mail, Ancient Shrouded Boots, Shrouded Boots, Shrouded Shoes, Cicero's Boots, Jester's Boots = 50%
Nightingale Boots 1-18 = 25%

*The enchantment on Nightingale Boots is set dependant on the level of the player when they are obtained

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User Info: theonyxphoenix

5 years ago#8
Line of Sight

Different enemies have different detection ratings and is expressed in physical distance. The higher the detection, the further away the target will notice you. Sneak skill reduces this penalty. A bug may occur where each skill point over 100 actually reduces skill effectiveness by 1 so 150 skill equals a 50 skill effectiveness. Besides the sneak perks and enchanted/purchased items there are a few unique items with Fortify Sneak:

Nightweaver's Band.....10
Movarth's Boots........15
Linwe's Boots..........15
Boots of the Old Gods..20
Shrouded Hood..........25
Jester's Hat...........30
Cicero's Hat...........35

This penalty can also be eliminated by using the spell Invisibility, Invisibility Potions, Shadowcloak of the Nocturnal, and the Shadow Warrior Perk.

Ambient Light

It is harder to sneak up on someone in daylight than from shadows. Daylight, lantern, and torchlight incur a penalty to sneaking which can only be eliminated by avoiding those things. Light from casting and charging spells does not affect detection. The only way to avoid this penalty is to stay in the shadows. Sneak attacks in light are not impossible, but does require proficiency in reducing all other sneak penalties.

- 320 Trading, Fortify Speechcraft, and Fortify Barter
Don't think you can barter with me like I'm one of those damned shopkeepers.

Fortify Speechcraft and Fortify Barter are synonymous. Fortify Speechcraft has a cap whereas Fortify Barter does not. Speechcraft just adds to your speech skill and is capped at 100. Fortify Barter acts as a multiplier and is much more beneficial. There are ways too boost these to hit the trading cap of 95% (i.e. selling an item gets you 95% return on the value)

Boosting Speechcraft
Blessing of Dibella.+10
Gift of Charity.....+10
Amulet of Dibella...+15

As you can only need a 65 in Speechcraft to hit the cap.

Boosting Barter
Mask of Clavicus Vile.20
Guild Master's Hood...20 (can be worn together)
Cicero's Clothes......20
Amulet of Zenithar....10

That is figures as x1.7 to the price modifier.

0 skill/no perks, the final price factor is .......................3.3
0 skill/no perks with all Fortify Persuasion buffs.................2.845
0 skill/no perks with with Blessing of Dibella and Gift of Charity 3.04
100 skill/no perks, the final price factor is......................2.00
100 skill/all perks the final price factor is......................1.42857

Selling Total Price = Value/Price Factor * Price Modifier
Buying Total Price = Value * Price Factor * Price Modifier

So with the boosting templates and selling a 100g value item the return you would get is:

0 skill and no perks....................30
0 skill, no perks, w/Fortify Persuasion.35
0 skill, no perks, w/Fortify Barter.....51
100 skill, no perks.....................50
100 skill, no perks, w/Fortify Barter...85

- 330 Rare Apothecary Satchel Locations
I have traveled extensively throughout this land, and here are but a few of my findings.- Herbalist's Guide to Skyrim

Most alchemy items can be purchased from a merchant. Some more items are added to their inventory when you take the Merchant Perk. Human Flesh and Human Heart can only be found. Here is a list of all the known (so far) rare satchel locations. They will always contain 3 items, one of which is categorized as rare. The rare ingredients are:

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User Info: theonyxphoenix

5 years ago#9
Briar Heart, Daedra Heart, Deathbell, Fire Salts, Frost Salts, Giant's Toe, Hargraven Claw, Hargraven Feathers, Human Flesh, Human Heart, Ice Wraith Teeth, Imp Stool, Jazbay Grapes, Nightshade, Nimroot, Vampire Dust, and Void Salts.


Clearpine Pond
Hillgrund's Tomb
Sinderion's Field Laboratory
Tower of Mzark
Nightcaller Temple
W. of Roadside Ruins
Nchuand-Zel Quarters (behind a locked gate)
Lost Valley Redoubt (near Bard's Leap Summit)
Hag Rock Redoubt
Cragwallow Slope
N. of Sarthaal (Island with Talos Shrine)
Chillwind Depths

- 340 Hearthfire Alchemists' Handbook
Ah, so you're an alchemist then?

Regularly spawning non-planted ingredients appearing in the greenhouse: Hanging Moss, a bird's nest with a Pine Thrush Egg. Bee hive ( bees, honeycomb, and beehive husk), torchbugs, butterflies.

When the fish hatchery restocks it spawns dragonflies. You can also get slaughterfish eggs by putting some in the hatchery creating nests. For slaughterfish scales you must shoot the fish themselves.

The tanning rack outside of Lakeview Manor has butterflies and, at night, torchbugs and luna moths.

Damage Health-River Betty, Deathbell, Imp Stool, Nightshade, Red Mountain Flower
Damage Magicka Regen- Blue Mountain Flower, Nightshade
Damage Stamina- Blisterwort, Canis Root, Cyrodilic Spadetail
Damage Stamina Regen- Creep Cluster, Frost Mirriam, Histcarp, Silverside Perch, Wheat
Fear- Cyrodilic Spadetail, Namira's Rot
Fortify Alteration- Grass Pod, River Betty
Fortify Barter - Dragon's Tongue, Tundra Cotton
Fortify Block - Bleeding Crown, Tundra Cotton, Slaughterfish Scales
Fortify Carry Weight - Creep Cluster, River Betty, Scaly Pholiota
Fortify Conjuration - Blue Mountain Flower, Lavender
Fortify Destruction - Glowing Mushroom, Nightshade
Fortify Health - Blue Mountain Flower, Glowing Mushroom, Wheat
Fortify Heavy Armor - Thistle Branch, White Cap, Slaughterfish Scales
Fortify Illusion - Mora Tapinella, Scaly Pholiota, Dragon's Tongue
Fortify Magicka - Histcarp, Jazbay Grapes, Red Mountain Flower, Tundra Cotton
Fortify Marksman - Canis Root, Juniper Berries
Fortify Restoration - Abecean Longfin, Cyrodilic Spadetail
Fortify Smithing - Blisterwort, Glowing Mushroom
Fortify Sneak - Abecean Longfin, Frost Mirriam, Purple Mountain Flower
Fortify Two-handed - Dragon's Tongue, Fly Amanita
Frenzy - Blisterwort, Fly Amanita
Lingering Damage Health - Imp Stool, Mora Tapinella, Slaughterfish Scales
Lingering Damage Magicka - Purple Mountain Flower, Swamp Fungal Pod, Wheat
Paralysis - Canis Root, Imp Stool, Swamp Fungal Pod
Ravage Health - Cyrodilic Spadetail, Giant Lichen, Jazbay Grapes
Ravage Magicka - Frost Mirriam, Grass Pod, Lavender, Red Mountain Flower, White Cap
Ravage Stamina - Deathbell, Thistle Branch
Regenerate Health - Juniper Berries, Namira's Rot
Regenerate Stamina - Fly Amanita, Mora Tapinella, Scaly Pholiota
Resist Fire - Dragon's Tongue, Snowberries
Resist Frost - Frost Mirriam, Purple Mountain Flower, Silverside Perch, Slaughterfish Scales, Snowberries, Thistle Branch
Resist Magic - Lavender, Tundra Cotton
Resist Poison - Grass Pod, Thistle Branch
Resist Shock - Glowing Mushroom, Snowberries, Swamp Fungal Pod
Restore Health - Blue Mountain Flower, Swamp Fungal Pod, Wheat, Blisterwort, Imp Stool
Restore Magicka - Creep Cluster, Giant Lichen, Grass Pod, Mora Tapinella, Red Mountain Flower, White Cap
Restore Stamina- Histcarp, Purple Mountain Flower, Silverside Perch
Slow- Deathbell, River Betty
Weakness to Fire - Bleeding Crown, Juniper Berries
Weakness to Frost - Abecean Longfin, White Cap
Weakness to Magic - Creep Cluster, Jazbay Grapes, Scaly Pholiota
Weakness to Poison - Abecean Longfin, Bleeding Crown, Deathbell, Giant Lichen

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User Info: theonyxphoenix

5 years ago#10
With the non-grown ingredients you can also create the following:
Damage Magicka - Hanging Moss, Butterfly Wing, Luna Moth Wing, Namira's Rot
Fortify Enchanting - Blue Butterfly Wing, Snowberries
Fortify Lockpicking - Pine Thrush Egg, Namira's Rot
Fortify One-Handed - Hanging Moss, Canis Root
Fortify Pickpocket - Slaughterfish Egg, Blue Dartwing, Orange Dartwing
Fortify Stamina - Slaughterfish Egg, Torchbug Thorax, Lavender
Lingering Damage Stamina - Nightshade, Butterfly Wing

We have felt the whisper of a Word. Give me your map, and I will show you where its echo can be found.

- 410 Exterior Word Walls

Animal Allegience.Ancient's Ascent.....MTS SW of Helgen
Animal Allegience.Ysgramor's Tomb......NW of Winterhold
Aura Whisper....Northwind Summit.....NW of Riften
Disarm.........Eldersblood Peak.....S. of Morthal
Dismay.........Lost Tongue Overlook.S. of Riften
Dismay.........Shalidor's Maze......Labyrinthian
Drain Vitality.....Arcwind Point........S. of Ivarstead
Elemental Fury...Dragontooth Crater...N. of Karthwasten
Elemental Fury...Shriekwind Bastin....N. of Falkreath (mountain climbing)
Elemental Fury...Statue to Meridia....SW of Solitude
Fire Breath......Throat of the World..Throat of the World (mountain climbing)
Frost Breath.....Bonestrewn Crest.....S. of Windhelm
Ice Form........Mount Anthor.........SW of Winterhold
Marked for Death.Autumnwatch Tower....S. of Ivarstead
Marked for Death.DB Sanctuary.........W of Falkreath
Storm Call.......Forelhost............SE of Riften
Throw Voice.....Shearpoint...........E of Whiterun
Whirlwind Sprint..Volskygge............W. of Solitude

- 420 Shouts and Perk Interactions

Here is a list of all of the Dragon Shouts how they are affected by certain perks (or if at all).

Animal Allegiance
- UESP says that it is limited to level 20
- affects all animals regardless of level. Also includes chaurus, trolls, etc.
- additional words affects distance of influence

Become Ethereal
PERKS: Necromage, increases duration

Elemental Fury
PERKS: Necromage - increase speed of attack

Fire Breath
PERKS: Augment Fire, NOT affected by Intense Flame

Frost Breath
PERKS: Augment Frost, NOT affected by Deep Freeze

Slow Time
PERKS: Stability, Necromage - both increase duration

Soul Tear
PERKS: Necromancy, Dark Souls, Twin Souls

Storm Call
PERKS: Augment Shock, NOT affected by Disintegrate

Summon Durnehviir
PERKS: Necromancy, Dark Souls, Twin Souls

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