In All The Time you Have Played...

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User Info: MrcTOtheJ

4 years ago#11
A few times I think a few boots of muffle, mainly between 14-16-ish random loot drops in chests of course.

So I'd say thrice.
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User Info: DocOdine

4 years ago#12
JohnRyan1228 posted...
DocOdine posted...
I found it on a pair of Ebony boots ina dragon chest at 81 the other day. I had just leveled him to 81 a few minutes ago using the oghma, so there is a chance the loot had been set previously, though I was only 16 pre-oghma so IDK if Ebony should have even been spawning.

according to the wiki it is supposed to be impossible to get after level 70, unless they patched that

I'm aware, that's why the whole situation boggles my mind. The enchant is impossible at 81, but I think Ebony is likewise impossible at 16, though I could be wrong.
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User Info: The_Real_Turnip

4 years ago#13
I spend 2 hours punching War-Bear in his face to get my muffle boots at level 11. Killed a random Bandit Chief half an hour later - Steel Boots of Muffling. Searched the same locations large chest - Boots of Muffling.

I swear this game exists to troll you.

User Info: JohnnyG118

4 years ago#14
I've found it in chests / loot twice, but I've seen it for sale in shop inventories probably 10+ times across my different characters. It's really not -that- hard to find on a dedicated playthrough.

PS - Fortify Sneak 47% (Grand Soul + 100 Enchanting + All Perks + Fortify Enchanting Potion 32%) will serve you FAR better in hiding from enemies than Muffle ever will.

User Info: DarkSeraphM

4 years ago#15
I actually find Muffle quite a bit on most of my characters, pretty early on. Usually Adrienne Avenicci, Ulfberth War-Bear, or Elrindir will sell something. It's Waterbreathing that's the super-rare one for me. I've only found it in random loot once in >600 hours, and never in a shop.
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User Info: JohnnyG118

4 years ago#16
DarkSeraph351 posted...
It's Waterbreathing that's the super-rare one for me. I've only found it in random loot once in >600 hours, and never in a shop.


User Info: JoeSnake132

4 years ago#17
I was around level 64, around the 200th hour of my game. I finally decided to White River Cave or something like that right around whiterun (the one with the blind guy). Anyway, it was obvious that this was meant to be a cave taken early one, but I skipped it in the beginning. Needless to say, I SLAUGHTERED the old blind man, and the rest of the cave came pouring out and I ascended to the top. In the grand chest, I found steel boots with the enchantment. I was so excited to finally have that enchant. Went to disenchant them, and I already had the enchantment. I flipping "huh'd?" pretty hard. So basically have no clue how many enchants I've had of the thing.

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User Info: Bigj089

4 years ago#18
The only enchant I havnt found half a dozen or so times was the fiery soul trap one. Ive NEVER found that one.
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User Info: gunther483

4 years ago#19
Lucky enough to find some from the Khajiit caravan.

User Info: zerobobo

4 years ago#20
though it was probably around more than that, i just didnt notice it
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