Thinking about buying Dawnguard. Is it any good?

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  3. Thinking about buying Dawnguard. Is it any good?

User Info: SmallSatsuma

5 years ago#1
What are the vampire attacks like? Do they get annoying?

User Info: ThievingCleric7

5 years ago#2
The vampire attacks aren't that bad. I haven't noticed any NPCs get killed by them yet. Dawnguard is definitely worth it.


5 years ago#3
I wasn't impressed with it at all, and I am typically easily entertained.

But it's your choice. If it were me I'd get Dragonborn instead. If you got the money may as well get both though.

Just don't expect a good story out of Dawnguard. The additions are great, the story is not. - If you played Mystical Ninja 64, you need to click this.

User Info: TheCongo

5 years ago#4
Playing Dawnguard atm, pretty boring. Still worth it though.

Might as well wait for Dragonborn though, that will be 100x better.

User Info: Falletaris

5 years ago#5
I would, it has some pretty big areas that you can explore outside of questing and get some pretty cool gear and items out of. It also includes some of the more powerful gear, and well as some of the best looking. Overall, I would say yes, but it really depends if you enjoy exploring or not.
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User Info: zerobobo

5 years ago#6
yes, the vampire attacks are annoying. they aren't hard to avoid, or defend against. but they ARE super annoying.
showing up at town at nighttime and being like "well i better do a lap of town to make sure no vampires are attacking before i go into my house" or showing up in town and vampires attacking and your favorite merchant gets killed so you have to reload and do that fight again.

its super annoying, takes away alot from the DLC imo. i started a new character to get ready for dragonborn and i deleted dawnguard cus well, screw it.

the quests are cool and interesting, the story is alright, the items and spells are cool too.
the addition of vampire attacks was just a stupid pointless annoying addition to an otherwise great DLC.
Gamertag: Clonedzero


5 years ago#7
@Falletaris I have to disagree with that.

There are a total of 2 new places to truly explore, if you count Arkngthmz (or whatever it is) then 3.

1 of these areas is completelyt barren, boring, almost pointless.... has some items to grab and otherwise isn't worth exploring.

1 of the areas is just a plain old ruin with nothing special.

and the last one is pretty huge and very pretty, but with very little to do or reason to come back.

Basically the "new" areas are just big boring empty spaces with some new gear strewn about IMO. The DG castle is good though, but not really a place you explore per se. - If you played Mystical Ninja 64, you need to click this.

User Info: Folstern

5 years ago#8
If you like vampires, yes. If you don't like vampires, probably not.

User Info: Mattvento

5 years ago#9
I'd compare Dawnguard to a bigger Knights of the Nine if you had Oblivion. It takes place in the basic gameworld, and adds several quests, new items, and a few locations. There's not a ton to explore, one or two trips to each new area is probably enough to get everything that's there. Crossbows and dragon bone weapons are pretty cool though, and the Vampire lord and wearwolf skill trees add depth to those playstyles. I thought it was a little overpriced at $12(I think that's what it is), but I didn't feel like I was ripped off like I have with some past DLC.

User Info: 2006_

5 years ago#10
I would get them for the crossbows. I downloaded Dawnguard on release day, but deleted it after the annoying vampire attacks before finishing.

I got bored last week so I downloaded it again, and my goohhddd, I have missed so much, all this wasted time =(
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  3. Thinking about buying Dawnguard. Is it any good?

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