Remember when todd howard said races would be more different from each other

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User Info: DarkSeraphM

4 years ago#51
Remember when things a lead developer says about a game actually come true?

'Cause I don't.
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User Info: clone11

4 years ago#52
LordTalyn posted...
clone11 posted...
Okay, I found it.

“in this town there are trees and a lumber mill. If you wanted to, you could sabotage the lumber mill and it would have an affect the local economy of the town.”

Wasn't that from the Demo made just for the event? Sabotaging the Lumber-mill was probably in...until moved to the main game it was decided to make it cut content. There are many things between the Demo and Actual Game that due change.

For example: The quest for the Golden Claw, leading to Bleak Falls Barrow at the beginning of the game with Arven in the webs...does not actually have a dragon sitting on top of the Barrow. Some things were made for presentation, other things were changed or cut content.

Just like with Werewolves..It was stated there were no werewolves in Skyrim at this time. Doesn't mean the day after that interview they didn't work on adding Werewolves. Things change between development and release.

As for the races...they are drastically different from Oblivion's appearance, more uniquely featured. There are also some race specific dialog throughout the game. Orcs are welcomed at strongholds. Argonians can get a "tail worn as a belt" as a random comment. Khajit can be told they will make a good rug...etc. There is race specific dialog if you actually look for it and pay attention.

No, I don't think it was just the demo. I don't think it was even actually in the game yet. There is a difference between having the dragon at Bleakfalls Barrow for the purpose of making the demo more interesting and talking about a feature that you say is going to be in the main game.

I do agree with you though, I'm sure they had planned to put it in but ran out of time, or just found that it wasn't going to work.

As for the werewolves, I'm sure they were in Skyrim from the beginning, they probably just wanted it to be a surprise.
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User Info: Bigj089

4 years ago#53
Here is one place it was mentioned about the economy. It is a quote and not a video but Im pretty sure I remember Todd in a video saying something about messing with town economies as well.

And another one
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User Info: koopabros64

4 years ago#54
He said they'd look more different. Not that they'd have a big impact.
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User Info: SPMcKinney

4 years ago#55
LolOkay posted...
That's actually a good point. At least in Oblivion they had that wheel of trust thing (no idea what it's called), if Skyrim had a version of that (but way better so that you didn't end up spamming conversation options to get near 100) it could allow for what you're saying. i.e. If you're an elf some people will trust you more and some people will trust you less. But you always have the option of changing their opinion (if they're important enough to warrant it).

It'd also be cool to have people start fighting you if you piss them off enough or send hired thugs to show how boss they are.

Morrowind took it even further than Oblivion with the way the different factions reacted you on what guilds you were in ( Hell come to think of it Daggerfall was like that too (didn't play much could never get into it sadly).
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