Describe the character you are creating or bringing to Dragonborn...

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User Info: N1ghtm4reW0lf

4 years ago#41
Julanza, my Argonian Assassin(Think AC assassin, sneaking around, but isn't afraid to whip out a long sword. Not killing for money, and will take on any task that will help people). His scales actually mimic the DB colours, Black with Red high lights
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User Info: SeaArrKing

4 years ago#42
Eventually I'll go to Solstheim as Fafnir, my main character who's level 81 and will make the DLC way too easy. He's a stealthy Argonian thief who took the odd road by preferring big two-handed weapons to easily-hidden daggers. He wears armor made from the scales of the dragons he's slain, and when he finally learned the secrets of dragon-smithing he crafted a gnarly dragonbone greatsword. Still, as I said, he's too beefy and he would tear through everything in Solstheim so I'm going to abstain from using him until I've tackled the DLC with my new character.

The new guy is Ra'jesh, a Khajiit assassin who had to resort to thievery to survive back when he was still a cub. Sometimes he got caught, and that's when he learned to kill. He soon realized that he enjoyed killing, and a psychotic urge to murder overtook him. As he grew older and more experienced in the art of theft, he avoided being caught, but killed many of his targets anyway just for the pleasure of it. When I first got him to Riverwood, I systematically killed every non-essential character I could. When I see farmers, hunters, fishermen, or even soldiers out in the wilds of Skyrim, I have to do my best to pick their pockets and then kill them. Sometimes I just have Ra'jesh sneak up behind them and slit their throats. It's surprisingly fun to play as a bloodthirsty killer, perhaps because my main character is a goody-two-shoes who only kills "bad guys".

So yep, I'll first tackle Dragonborn as a typical cloak-and-dagger assassin, and I can't wait to see what sorts of blood I'll be spilling.
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User Info: strifechug2

4 years ago#43
Hawk Eye Gough (feels kinda right for a nord)

......... A man who started with nothing but rags for clothing, he worked as a woodcutter until he had enough gold to buy a simple bow and twenty arrows. From then on he hunted elks and learned the art of smithing using the hide of the beasts he has slain. He also learned the value of herbal medicine after accidentally mixing some blue flowers in his cereal pot, he wanted to learn more and started munching other plants. A local hag saw the fiery passion in his eyes as he eroticaly munch a piece of nirnroot and offered to teach Gough the secret of making nice nice life bar elongating potions.The hag let Gough use her enchanted gloves and Gough was baffled! He asked the hag the secret of the Magic Gloves (as he calls it) and the generous hag pointed north, Gough obviously can't see through the walls so the hag marked his map. He traveled north and saw The Collage... The hag told him that she got the half-arsed enchanted gloves from a bald dude after winning a one sided deal (extortion). Gough was not interested with the boring schools and such mambo jumbo and extorted the bald dude for sum more soul gems and started enchanting his upper class men's boots, he found it quiet profitable so he enchanted moer stuff... he graduated a master's degree of... nah he just left the college. He sold all his enchanted stuff and invested to lots of salespeople and became a successful merchant (not a Mer.. he's a Nord... he doesn't really like that title.... what a racist douche)

After a while dragons showed up and blah blah blah he found out that he has dragon blood circulating in his crotch. He made legendary bows and gears with weird narcissist names enchanted to kill dragons in a single hit and arrows tipped with the sickest love potions he can concoct... BTW he owns a house and is now looking for a lovey dovey wifu that doesn't talk a lot about golden claw and other perverted stuff (he particularly hate women who like to cosplay housecarl-thane with him... "Such sick fetishes..." he once said).... His zodiac sign is Virgo.
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User Info: kylekillgannon

4 years ago#44
Drynjo - My Dovah sauce. A Nordic ranger trained in archery and one handed weapons primarily. Heading in to kick Dragonborn ass and ensure the safety of his family.

Kyle - My Breton Archmage. Out to explore Solstheim for possible Daedric events and other Magic phenomena. Looking to solve problems and further his knowledge.

Adaira - My Dunmer Master Assassin. Returning to his home of Solstheim for a bit of rest and reprieve. Ready to experience some nostalgia. Also planning on making a badass Dunmer spellsword to serve as his childhood friend.

Barnaby - The baddest ass Breton Vampire Lord. Just to wreck some ****.
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User Info: Vort

4 years ago#45
Vorts - Argonian Mage/Assassin

Vort - Nord 2/weapon Warrior (Werewolf)

Vortt - Orc Shaman (warrior w/ little magic)

Plan on bringing all the Vort and nothing but the Vort.
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User Info: darkportal785

4 years ago#46
ReikokuNinja posted...
darkportal785 posted...
Perma-n00b posted...
darkportal785 posted...
Shouts-At-Dragons: Argonian Monk. Unarmed, Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Shouts

Fenrir Wolf-Heart: Nord Fighter. One-Handed, Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Werewolf (all perks)

I'm going to have fuuuuuuun. I'll probably take all my characters to Solstheim at least once. All 10 of them.

You have mentioned Shouts at Dragons more than once on this board. Sounds like u have had many a good time with that guy.

All my characters are fun to play as. I have a soft spot for S-A-D though, he's a Monk, and I find Monk's fun to play as.

I just wish Unarmed was viable without enchanting, and that it had a couple of cool attacks besides vanilla punching.

Not to turn this into a flame war but the mod Skyrim redone for the pc version add's more perks for an unarmed monk character. It also allows you to enchange each of your fists, and adds battle staffs as well. I have Skyrim for PS3 to start out with, and later got it on pc just for modding. I am planning on using my sword and shield heavy armor Nord the first time, but also go a Nord monk and a Breton Hybrid that I would like to use as well.

Yeah, I'm trying to save some money in order to buy a new computer that can run Skyrim. That mod is one of the reasons I want Skyrim for PC.

User Info: I_am_Zuo_Kang

4 years ago#47
My maxed out Christopher (aka my first name) which is my main character. He's a Khajiit who uses the five schools of magic as a primary weapon for both attack and to defend himself against his enemies. He wields either the Staff of Icy Spear or any of the powerful Conjuration staves as back up.
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User Info: M4nnimal

4 years ago#48
Inun Vaalin, my Dark-Elf. Uses Two-Handed, Heavy Armor, Block, and Destruction (for Flame Cloak).

Made him specifically for Dragonborn.
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User Info: matteus70

4 years ago#49
Maya, Redguard werewolf, one handed, block, heavy armour. Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
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User Info: zack12369

4 years ago#50
Assassin wood elf. With a hint of werewolf.
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