Naming my character...

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User Info: Nicrih

5 years ago#1
I cannot settle on a name for the life of me. I have the first name, just can't find a good last one. He's a Dunmer from Vvardenfell. The first name is Revyn, I like it because it reminds me of Revan from KotOR. For the second name I want one from Vvardenfell. From the game Morrowind. Basically I want his ancestry to be from there and I thought that would be cool to do. I can't settle on one that sounds good with Revyn though. A few I'm considering are: Indaren, Indarys, Virith, Varos, Serano, and I feel like there were a couple others but I can't remember them right now. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

User Info: TheBestFaller

5 years ago#2
Smith? Knuckledugger? Revyn Indecision?
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User Info: gunsndroses

5 years ago#3
Bedaves Sarayn
Hlarvyne Savil
Gidaves Nulerayn
Llaala Uveran
Relamus Rethrend
Fedave Vandram
Gadaves Adrend
Bradas Irethi
Maggot Marend
Gadave Fevulara
Maggot Andalara
Relamus Hlerayn
Sedaves Balen
Bradas Therayn
Maggot Vendal
Alammu Arendu
Medenb Nethre
Alammus Telas
Gadave Othren
Monden Indalas
Gidave Othrendu
Sharvy Llethri
Neldam Llervu
Tadaves Sarayn
Golamus Sarano
Fedaves Barus
Neldam Braven
Dalam Aralas
Relamus Sendal
Ethaso Verilnith
Sedaves Llervu
Sedave Andavel
Llaala Theray
Bradasou Sendalas
Llaala Andalara
Sedaves Santumatus
Midaves Andalara
Fedave Andala
Suleri Andala
Hlarvy Verothan
Tidril Hlaalu
Dalamus Belas
Gidaves Nethre
Ethaso Savani
Boden Androm
Fedave Ieneva
Uradas Indrano
Anasour Andala
Llaala Drethan
Balam Farano
Maggot Irathi
Fedaves Vandalas
Vedave Moran
Balamus Favalara
Dalamus Marend
Neldam Verethi
Fadril Arvel
Sedave Nethre
Uradasou Andavel
Athaso Vandal
Bradas Sarano
Thadas Verendas
Tadave Hlerayn
Maggothe Veran
Fedave Rindu
Nibarr Rethrend
Ararvy Lleran
Alammu Drelas
Alammus Ralen
Monden Alari
Maggot Drenim
Thadasou Sendal
Ararvy Vandal
Midave Indaram
Salms Rothren
Bradas Llaram
Adaves Aradil
Gadave Alen
Alammus Andala
Sodril Moran
Irarvyne Othren
Gidaves Othralen
Gadaves Nadram
Llaala Girith
Svadas Andaren
Dalam Vandal
Maggot Sarothren
Elammus Andas
Relamus Ienith
Relam Guard
Anasou Gilnith
Gidave Llaram
Llaalam Maryon
Kummus Berendal
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User Info: 20ME2cmpnvet

5 years ago#4
This might help
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User Info: Nicrih

5 years ago#5
Thank you guys. I've been looking on the list of names UESP , I just can't decide what sounds good together..
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