Anyone ever feel bad about soul stealing?

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  3. Anyone ever feel bad about soul stealing?

User Info: Uglyface2

4 years ago#1
I did, once. I chased down a fox, and the poor thing let out a little yelp when I killed it. Then I got the animation for the steal. Poor thing, I hope it made someone very happy when they bought the dagger I put it in.

User Info: EmptyStar12

4 years ago#2
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User Info: agentspoon

4 years ago#3
I dont steal Souls.

I bind them to the hollowed out shell they used to call a Body for my own amusement like killing a father then having his corpse kill his wife while I laugh.

Then when I get bored of them I kill them again until the point where I decree they shall walk again and I rebind their Soul.
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User Info: Mythrender

4 years ago#4
I didnt feel bad till I realized how boring the soul cairn was... How could I be sending people to such a boring place, with next to no worthwhile quests....
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User Info: Lethalbutters

4 years ago#5
It's a videogame.
It won't budge.

User Info: Mumble_

4 years ago#6
Lethalbutters posted...
It's a videogame.

>not role playing in Skyrim
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User Info: Slyde1052

4 years ago#7
I gave the orc a good death, bound his soul to the black star, and he now has a place of honor on my mantlepiece.

The orc now needs a good dusting.
GT: Rivvik

User Info: Kool_As_Ice

4 years ago#8
Lethalbutters posted...
It's a videogame.

1. You will never enjoy skyrim.

2. Tell me its just a game when you have to kill parthy.
I Often Question My Sanity, Most Of The Time It Replies.

User Info: funkydude31

4 years ago#9
Feels bad about soul trapping but no problem with murdering stealing and destroying a group of extinct ancient enemies. Dumb topic is dumb.

User Info: jessew14

4 years ago#10
not really, not trying to insult anybody but because its a videogame i cant bring myself to care about things like that
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  2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  3. Anyone ever feel bad about soul stealing?

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