Dragon Shouts (Spoilers)

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User Info: Val265

5 years ago#1
So yea, I've done a crap ton of exploring and found a good amount of shouts, now my question is this.

How come I can only use Force and Sprint? I've fought like 15 dragons and absorbed so many souls but still can't use any of them. Is it story related as in I have to finish a certain quest? Like I finished my final trial and I watched Alduin bring that first dragon back to life but still nothing....do I have a bugged game or something? Any answers will be appreciated.

User Info: Sparklelord

5 years ago#2
Press X (I think) to spend a soul and unlock the shout.

User Info: dagoph

5 years ago#3
you have to use the souls to unlock the shouts in the magic menu. Select the shout you want and press X

User Info: Kool_As_Ice

5 years ago#4
^what this guy says
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User Info: RebelElite791

5 years ago#5
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User Info: ZozmaSage

5 years ago#6
Cuuuuuute :)

User Info: Val265

5 years ago#7
oh....em....gee...I feel so damn stupid now. Thank you so much guys lol I've had all these different shouts and was getting so damn mad I couldnt use them.
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