I don't understand how people can side with the imperials

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User Info: jrr18

4 years ago#81
Jstretch19 posted...
jrr18 posted...
Ulfric's battle plan is stupid, he started the war not the empire. Him attacking the Empire is like the Confederacy re-seceding while the U.S. is about to go to war with China. Its stupid and Ulfric's a moron.

Fixed for more appropriate scenario & less grammatical stupidity.

I liked the alien invasion scenario better.
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User Info: linkblade91

4 years ago#82
Ertrick36 posted...
This is probably one of the most political topics to pick from Skyrim, and I am glad someone brought it up. I personally think that the whole entire side-picking thing in Skyrim is dependent on your political views. How I see it is that the Imperials lean left in a lot of aspects (e.g. they don't stick to "old world" values like the worship of Talos, and they want to unify the entirety of the Empire against the Thalmor), whereas the Stormcloaks are very Conservative (e.g. they worship the old ways, are kind of xenophobic, and want to defeat the Thalmor with their own might rather than with diplomacy of the Empire). Whether you side with one or the other is up for interpretation, and if you've played both ways (siding with the Imperials and then the Stormcloaks, or vice-versa), you'll have a different interpretation of what is the right way to go. That is the beauty of this game, and it is almost like poetry in a way. Of course, there are more factors into how you pick a side (e.g. the border pick up and execution turns you off from the Imperials), but it is a fairly clear-cut political topic.

That being said, I haven't read any comments, but I'm sure this entire board is full of nothing but flaming and a massive amount of arguing. It'll be just like the presidential election of the U.S., and I find that both hilarious and horrifying. It's just too bad no one can bring themselves to respect each others' opinions these days...

That more-or-less summarizes my entire opinion of this issue.

At the same time, I didn't really care about the real-world-political-leanings-connnection-to-one's-choice until after I had already made mine and had acquired a better scope of the game's universe. My original decision making was less politically-charged:

"You tried to kill me! Screw you Imperials!"
"Stormcloaks? That's a cool name...and your symbol is a bear? I'm in!"

In a purely game-play perspective, Windhelm was closer to the factions I cared about (Mages in Winterhold, Thieves in Riften), so I went there first instead of Solitude. I was aware that I could've taken a carriage to any city regardless of distance, but I wanted to hoof it everywhere, at least for the first time.

Now that I've completed the game a Stormcloak, I'm going to go back and try out the Imperials anyway, so it doesn't really matter. It is just a game, after-all.

User Info: DutchDoc

4 years ago#83
KogaSteelfang posted...
The Stormcloaks started the war, commited high treason/murder, are racist, and are entirely responsible for the situation you're put in at the start of the game.
They're responsible for the entire situation that happens at the start.

The Imperials are simply doing their duty and executing a war criminal, alongside his cohorts.
You're in the cart with them, even if you're not on the list, they have to assume you're involved somehow.

I blame the carriage driver for picking up a hitch hiker while escorting prisoners to the execution site, then not speaking up when they think you're a criminal too.

Either way, I've joined both sides, and I have to say, I hated working with the stormcloaks. I enjoyed the Imperial side.
There's no reason to hate one side for trying to kill you when almost everyone wants to kill you in this game.

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User Info: Gek2

4 years ago#84
sPK2 posted...
See this isn't supposed to be a debate about which side is better, cause really both sides suck.

I'm just saying that in the intro alone the imperials give you a number of reasons to hate them, and almost being beheaded by people who don't even see you as an enemy isn't something most people are able to easily get past

My first playthrough I went Stormcloak. You'd have to have a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome or a death wish to do otherwise with the information you have at the time. My first char was a Redguard and I was trying to incorporate some roleplay into the playthrough.

So I asked myself, here I am, not even given any semblance of a trial, not even on the list of prisoners, and rather than detaining me to see if there is a mixup, the Captain orders me executed..no, murdered. How anyone could come up with a logical explanation for why they would follow their captors, who would have had their head in a basket at that point save for a damned dragon swooping out of the sky and massacring everyone, is beyond me. Well it could possibly be explained logically, but it would stop it from being a monumentally stupid choice given what your character knows at that point, especially when the other prisoners are making a break for it's only for the sake of bad writing (and not penalizing players making a really questionable choice) that Hadvaar releases you.

10 minutes ago the guy is cool with me getting butchered, but now he's releasing me and taking me to his house to meet his family? Wait, what?

That said however, I regretted going Stormcloak when I found out what racist, xenophobic, douchebags they were. There were some idealists in the mix, but the whole thing had more of beginnings of "National Socialist German Workers' Party" feel than a "people's liberation" feel.

I feel Imperial is the "right" choice, especially after you join and get more perspective. There's just no good reason to join them the way they set the story up in the beginning.
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User Info: Offworlder1

4 years ago#85
Both sides have issues and thats why its a very good realistic take on choosing sides since neither is ideal, the empire did give up way to fast and is allowing the thalmor way to much power just to keep the peace but they do want a unified empire to fight back against the thalmor when they replenish their ranks and have equal rights for all. Then you have the stormcloaks who want a free skyrim and open worship to Talos who is a legend to the people yet are racist and will only help nords.
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User Info: Emperor_mateus

4 years ago#86
Its been a while since I saw this kind of topic again.

Anyway I went with the imperial. They might not be perfect, but they seemed to be more smart and pragmatic (aside from the execution of course) then the stormcloaks.

I also don't play as a Nord and I never really liked the "Skyrim for the Nords" kind of stuff.
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User Info: Kool_As_Ice

4 years ago#87
So, let me get this straight, NOBODY likes thalmor? Not 1 person!?

Dayyyyymmm, they got more haters than Delphine!
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User Info: clone11

4 years ago#88
I'd support the Thalmor if they'd chill out on that whole "let's undo creation!" thing.
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User Info: TheBestFaller

4 years ago#89
clone11 posted...
I'd support the Thalmor if they'd chill out on that whole "let's undo creation!" thing.

Same, they've got my 2 favorite races, even if it is through bullying and deciept.
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User Info: Fayjit

4 years ago#90
that stormcloak are racist arguement is very bad. The imperial side is even worse. General tulius is very ignorant of nords and their culture and follows orders like a dog. Which makes him stupid and racist by default. Any dumb dog that follows orders for a empire is top tier scum in my book. No regrets killing imperials.
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