state your race and why you picked it.

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  3. state your race and why you picked it.

User Info: L3K5

5 years ago#1
dunmer, i just generally like them.

User Info: Schesparn

5 years ago#2
Imperial. Wanted a human character that didn't look hideous, and it's the easiest race to make presentable.
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User Info: Maloth_jesb

5 years ago#3
Dunmer, always. Then a Nord, easiest to have look like me, and made sneaking more fun due to the challenge.
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User Info: LordTrinen

5 years ago#4
Argonian. Lizard people are awesome. Plus they're natural waterbreathers and saves me a headache trying to find that enchantment.

User Info: GriffRoberts

5 years ago#5
Breton. I wanted to be a human being and also a mage when I first started Elder Scrolls and then it turned out Bretons were awesome.
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User Info: DeathShinigami

5 years ago#6
Which of my 5 races do you want me to give?My first?
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User Info: CRK44

5 years ago#7

We because...

Dunmer Master Race
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User Info: EarthApocalypto

5 years ago#8
Khajiit. Because I've been choosing Khajiit throughout the games, since Morrowind.
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User Info: jrr18

5 years ago#9
Goblin I actully chose breton because there awsome
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User Info: Agent_Slash

5 years ago#10
Argonian, because why wouldn't I want to play as a badass raptor man?
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  3. state your race and why you picked it.

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