state your race and why you picked it.

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  3. state your race and why you picked it.

User Info: cmg8901

4 years ago#41
Altmer, solely because their +50 Magicka and Highborn ability are way better than any other race's traits with the possible exception of the Argonian's Hist ability.

From an aestetic stand point. I picked Redguard as my second character just to do a paladin type warrior and to give him blond dread locks. Long live the 90's

User Info: zerobobo

4 years ago#42
feels most natural in the story and setting. plus they have the best character models imo. i feel more connected to the world when playing as a nord.

i also often play as redguards and imperials, not as often though.
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User Info: Mortsllem

4 years ago#43
Wood elf, I like how they have extra long pointy ears, they're the most 'human' looking elf and they're not dumpy and stupid looking like they were in Oblivion.

Breton. Normal white guy I can make look like me, identical to an imperial but better in every way.


User Info: M4nnimal

4 years ago#44
Dunmer, always. They've got rich history, but aren't buttholes like Altmer.
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User Info: PR_Fiasco

4 years ago#45
Khajiit. Because they're sneaky sneaky.
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  3. state your race and why you picked it.

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