Uhm.... So.... Rideable dragons...

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User Info: dmband41

4 years ago#31
The game is called 'Lair', and it sucks.
I lie.

User Info: Poundx2

4 years ago#32
Coolmn378 posted...


Actually, I just wanted to get back to Solsthiem. The engine clearly isn't geared to support dragon riding as the speed at which you would cross cells would cause the game to crash. There is also the whole point of why they took out levitate and jump magic.
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User Info: mes77

4 years ago#33
I paid twenty bucks for the DLC and the second the morrowind music started playing it was worth it.
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User Info: F_Wolf

4 years ago#34
LOL, TC get's sucked in by clever marketing, expects everyone to rally behind him to put a end to a evil company.

Yeah, if only it worked like that for every company that takes some liberties with marketing. For god sakes, dragon riding is not possible, end of story. All the mods that do it are glitch as hell, and that's with thousands of modders working on it with the same tools beth uses to make the game for over a year, and it being one of the most requested mods. The engine just doesn't support it. I know you feel "betrayed" or "ripped off", but maybe you ought to do some research next time before a purchase and not just give in to the shiny marketing you see.

User Info: Asmileyfish

4 years ago#35
Coolmn378 posted...
Sticky this topic, Bethesda needs to see this.

Spoiler Alert

Bethesda, you have all lost any and all credibility you had with me as a company. Not only have you lost mine but you will continue to lose EVERYBODY I speak to as well. What happened to your series, are you as a staff conjointly Peter Molyneux? Is this Fable? Are you f****** serious?

I paid TWENTY dollars for a DLC, that is a THIRD of what your entire game costs and you're going to deliver me 1/100th of the gameplay of the real game, combined with the false hope that I could actually do what I've wanted to do since buying the game? I want to ride a dragon. EVERYBODY WHO PLAYS THIS GAME WANTS TO RIDE A DRAGON. So you put them in the game, close enough? No.. You go one step forward and allow us to 'ride' a dragon and fast travel with it....

You are kidding me

WHY would I want to ride in a predetermined let alone GLITCHY flight path with essentially NO control besides which troll or wolf the dragon can attack?

You were one of my favorite developers and now you have joined one of my least favorites and will not be funding you any longer.

A concerned gamer

Stop your crying like a petulant crybaby milk drinker who hasnt got evrything it wants for the first time and just go enjoy what you DO have in the game.

A concerned gamer
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User Info: LetsMakeDubstep

4 years ago#36
Coolmn378 posted...
You are all sucking on the teet of Bethesda.

You can't just say, oh well what can you do about it? It's 2012, you can sacrifice a little draw distance in order to allow free riding dragons.

And it isn't the fact they didn't say, 'You can free ride dragons'. It is the fact they insinuated it to the point where it was almost understood you could control them. That isn't them being innocent about, that's just plain BS.

Lol, that was just you bro. When I first heard of flying on dragons I thought it was just gonna be where they take you to a specific place... TBH the amount of control they did put in is alot more than I expected...

And who the f*** really cares about spears? I paid 20 bucks for new equipment, new quests, and to shove my sword up the dragonborn's a**... I was not dissapointed...
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User Info: Fizzle_Pork

4 years ago#37

No, I could care less. The DLC could have removed them completely and I would be fine with that.

Also, never gave a s*** about spears.

Good luck getting a sticky on your rant. If you have something to say to Bethesda, they do have an email address. Stomping your feet and whining on gamefaqs accomplishes nothing.

User Info: o5pr3y

4 years ago#38
I'm glad we can't ride the dragons.

They were supposed to be these almighty unstoppable beasts, and became like cliffracers. Riding them just seems demeaning.
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User Info: MerenwenHelyane

4 years ago#39
I am one of the few who didn't want dragon riding
we spent $40 on this DLC (got it twice)
and no regrets, it was well worth my $

we refuse to go to the theater, for a family of 5 it would cost us $100 for tickets and snacks
we hardly ever eat out, they like my cooking anyway
so spending on video games we all enjoy is well spent

no sticky requested as I disagree with you
Moms can have fun too. Get over it.

User Info: ilaposta

4 years ago#40
Somebody get this guy a tampon. For gods sake this DLC is great.. It offers a lot of new things and gave us the ability to respec our character!! What do you want from these developers?

There was an article on redditt which states they will change the dragon riding and add spears and a lot more. Slow your roll and give these guys a break. Plus trying to figure out the PS3 issues as well must be taking up a lot of resources.

I said it before and I will say it again. If you cant be part of the solution then dont be part of the problem. If you cant help but complain then yell at the mirror cause no one cares about this negative garbage!!
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