So which province are you hoping Bethesda use for the next game?

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  3. So which province are you hoping Bethesda use for the next game?

User Info: JackNurSnakPack

4 years ago#51
I think we should leave Tamriel all together for some other continent on Nirn.
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User Info: iammaxhailme

4 years ago#52
Have TES 6 be in Oblivion, and only oblivion.

And call it TES 6: Cyrodil.

I joke. I vote Black marsh or Elseweyr
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User Info: Hoady

4 years ago#53
'elsewhere' creative lol

User Info: TKDBoy1889

4 years ago#54
I'd like a game that visits a couple provinces at once. Either a Summerset ISle/Valenwood combo, or an Elsweyr/Black Marsh combo (Beast race combo!).

User Info: Bob_Esrock

4 years ago#55
Lol @ the three people who voted for Skyrim.
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User Info: Dr_Professor

4 years ago#56
Elder Scrolls VI: THE MOON!
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Also, Smogang. Awesome.

User Info: Osteoporozis

4 years ago#57
1% still voted for Skyrim again? Time to slap some *tches up.
I want Black Marsh, because boobs that's why.
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User Info: YggdrasilsSword

4 years ago#58
None of the above. Morrowind. It would have to be the mainland, though, considering what's happened to Vvardenfell since we were there last. Unless it's far enough in the future that it's a reimagined, rebuilt version of Vvardenfell.

User Info: forrestzK08

4 years ago#59
Anything except Skyrim of Cyrodil unless they are in addition to a larger world.
If they do Hammerfell they would need to fix mounted combat seeing as how Arabs were master horsemen and would be awesome to have bandits roving the desert and raiding huge caravans and villages.

Blackmarsh may be annoying af if they have creautres that do poison damage like the motherf****** cazadors from new vegas. Would be very nice if they had special argonian crossbow that could be used while under water in the swamps.
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User Info: rodman870

4 years ago#60
Valenwood would be VERY difficult to pull off. I read in a book somewhere that the bosmer live in massive migrant trees that hold entire cities.

So basically a town that moves around constantly. Maybe 2 more console gens from now they could pull something like that off.
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  3. So which province are you hoping Bethesda use for the next game?

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