C/D Enemies shouldn't be able to execute you.

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User Info: Apl_J

5 years ago#51
D, only because I don't care.

This game has the worst combat of any current gen game I own or have played, I don't think fixing unfair kill cams will solve that for me.

User Info: jammymacster

5 years ago#52
As already mentioned it's the inability to avoid the execution that's irritating. I'll be side strafing an NPC but it doesn't matter because the moment they initiate an attack it checks if an execution can occur, decides whether or not to do it and if yes, executes it. Even if you would easily have dodged the attack normally.

It kind of ruins playthroughs when the focus is being vulnerable and trying to avoid blows but you can't avoid the executions. I'd find low hp melee runs quite fun if that weren't the case.
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User Info: Tequila_Shot

5 years ago#53
BipBapBam posted...
DahlVaughnni posted...
Yo have reared your inexperienced head. No one uses 2000 armor, the cap is much smaller than that. Meaning that anyone and everyone can reach the cap, easily, at a low level, without any glitches or loops. You just aren't good enough is all.

Tequila_Shot posted...

1.) The effective armor cap is 667, and goes down by 25 points for each piece of armor equipped, light or heavy.

2.) Hardly anyone runs around in Daedric Armor, because by the time you can make it, you can temper pretty much anything to the armor cap.

3.) Light armor can be just as effective as Heavy, if not moreso because of Deft Movement and Wind Walker.

First of all, I was exaggerating to prove a point, he claimed you shouldn't be overpowered by enemies on Master, which is complete BS unless you spam all the crafting skills. I'm aware armor doesn't even matter in terms of the executions so this discussion is pretty pointless.

And to everyone saying it adds a sense of challenge and fun, remember this isn't exactly something you can ''control''. There is no dodging the finishing moves, because you get locked in place. You could be at full health if you're a mage or just don't have that much health and be randomly one shot by that Ancient Dragon, even though you should've been able to tank it with your armor rating.

''Well herp derp you should just avoid it'' because this game's combat is all about going through every fight flawlessly right? I don't think anyone enjoys going through that whole dungeon or the last 20 minutes outside because the game decided to ignore your armor for no reason.

You do realize that Kill Cams ignore armor, right? If the attack would kill you without armor on, it has a chance to initiate a Kill Cam. It doesn't matter what armor you have, if you get hit with one, you might as well not be wearing any. That's why Kill Cams are so deadly on Master, because without any armor mitigation, that double damage taken really skyrockets the threshold for a Kill Cam.
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User Info: BipBapBam

5 years ago#54
To all the people saying I'm not good, or should turn the difficulty down:

I've gone through every guild + the MQ + Dawnguard + Dragonborn on Master. I've died around 4-6 times in that time without any potions. You wanna know how each time? Of course, executions.

They are an annoyance and everyone gets them, and when you do, you will think it's BS. My skill has nothing to do with a broken gameplay mechanic.

User Info: BipBapBam

5 years ago#55
Tequila_Shot posted...
You do realize that Kill Cams ignore armor, right?

No, I didn't. Oh wait, it's in the second sentence from the post you just quoted. Reading is your friend.

User Info: Justindbz

5 years ago#56
D The few times I've been killcam'd were all very motivational. Nothing sweeter than killing a guy that killed you.
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User Info: masterpug53

5 years ago#57
It annoys me, sure, especially when I take one hit down from 2/3rd's health and then instantaneously get locked into a kill move after said hit connected. Or when I happen to skip a beat in my dual casting and a dragon locks a ballsy yet hapless villager into a killmove because they're too damn stupid to stand anywhere but right below their gaping maws.

I can't really say C simply because it's my choice to play on Master, but it would be nice if I could count on wearing some non-uber armor while having the chance to fire off a heal when my health gets in the danger zone. NPC killcams as they are now make about as much sense as a FF boss blasting you down to low health with a signature power attack and then instantly casting the same attack before you even remotely have a chance to fire off a heal, under the mentality of 'lol u'd of died anyway.' No, I wouldn't have.

I also wouldn't mind as much if I didn't have to sit through - no exaggeration - two-minute reload screens every time this happens.
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User Info: TeXaS_PiE

5 years ago#58
I don't know how I do it but if they activate the kill cam I can avoid it. It's a battle of kill cams.

Overall, though C.
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User Info: Tequila_Shot

5 years ago#59
BipBapBam posted...
Tequila_Shot posted...
You do realize that Kill Cams ignore armor, right?

No, I didn't. Oh wait, it's in the second sentence from the post you just quoted. Reading is your friend.

Why should I read what you wrote when I can ignore it and pretend you're an idiot?
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User Info: Charocks

5 years ago#60
Xydru posted...

Unless Bethesda can fix killcams. There's no reason I should die with a good 300 health left.

For those that don't know this, killcams don't take armor rating into consideration. A legendary dragons bite attack, for example, does 300 damage. That just spells out instant kill cam, which is a cheap way to die. And it only gets worse on higher difficulties.
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