Why do you play this on console instead of PC?

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User Info: sinyx

4 years ago#111
Why would I spend all that extra money to have my characters run around naked, and for graphical improvements? Improved boob bounce physics and small non official tweaks don't give me any drive to spend my money on a gaming pc. This is especially true because the new systems will be getting announced soon. PC is dead, get over it. Mario and Master Chief won.
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User Info: Godly_Goof

4 years ago#112
1) I wasnt sure how much longer my computer was gunna last
2) I hate the modding community
3) I hate the modding community
4) I HATE the modding community
5) Because I really didnt want to have to expend all the time required to make mods myself since I cant stand most made ones, and the ones I can stand are few and far between.


For every maybe 1 in 50 mods that are actually good their are about 5000 crappy ones that do minor to nothing, rely on any number of other mods I have no desire to get just to get X mod to work, require outside programs to work properly (generally from third party), and lastly many of them end up making the game needlessly cluttered and laggy :/

so many randomly placed weapons that would always bug out ever so slightly and drop the whole game down to 10 FPS till I reloaded and I had NO idea which mod it was >.>

Oh ya, and nudity and furry mods ..... uggghhhhhhhh. I mean. Ya there's a search bar and all that but seeing them chronically in the top 10 on some sites just ...... uggghhhh. Not to mention ones that are just named something completely different from what they actually are and its like "Surprise! furries!"

Needless to say, Console and its done.
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User Info: Flow_149

4 years ago#113
airtamis posted...
Jokes on you, because I play it on PS3!!!
Damn you all.

I laughed.

User Info: Macdaddyruss1

4 years ago#114
comfort from my bed /couch with wireless controller and DLC xbox live.
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User Info: Shuyin Kojima

Shuyin Kojima
4 years ago#115
I just recently made the jump from console to pc, and I have to say that playing Skyrim is so much better on the pc. I use a wired 360 controller to play. Love it.
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User Info: ZackG31

4 years ago#116
Why do people think you cant play PC game on a couch and with a controller.
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User Info: suksass

4 years ago#117
ZackG31 posted...
Why do people think you cant play PC game on a couch and with a controller.

Some actualy think they can. But are annoyed by the problem of setiing up wires all the time.

User Info: Supernautus

4 years ago#118
Because I want to.

User Info: TutelarSword

4 years ago#119
davelicious posted...
- comfort and convenience
- no temptation to use console commands to cheat
- once I DO buy this on PC, it's going to be so modded up to hell it won't be the same game
- I'd have to updgrade or buy a new PC to play this as well as my 360 does

All but the last point of this.

I have it on PC and I have about 250 mods and it actually makes the game A LOT worse. Very few mods actually add useful things. Plus, Console Commands are required for me a lot, as my copy is really glitched (it has been since I got it and no mods will fix it.) and even when I don't need it I still use it for easier movement and such.
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User Info: agentspoon

4 years ago#120
Cause I love my console.

My PC has, to quote the guy who built it "More power than God" and I still choose it play Skyrim on Xbox.
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