Why do you play this on console instead of PC?

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  3. Why do you play this on console instead of PC?

User Info: PathlessBullet

4 years ago#131
*walks into topic*


*walks back out*
ADD, no. Where is the thread for Fallout OCD players?
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User Info: LetsMakeDubstep

4 years ago#132
Because my 7 year old xbox plays this game better than any 7 year old pc could imagine...
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User Info: Arn544

4 years ago#133
You know what, PC snobs need to just drink a glass of stfu

Yeah you can spend 2-3k on a PC and run at stuff at max specs, doesn't make low budget people less important than you.

I have the ps3 and PC versions of skyrim (I can run on max settings), yeah pc has nicer graphics and mods.
But in many ways I prefer the ps3 version though.

If I had a choice of which to play when a game or dlc launches I'm going with a console. I much prefer playing on a 65" led tv with 7.1 surround sound and a wireless/recharging controller while sitting back and relaxing versus sitting up at a computer desk on a 27" monitor and playing with a mouse and keyboard.

After the game or dlc has been finished then it's fun to load up the pc version and play around with mods. What I'd like to see for TES 6 is bethesda releasing a dev kit so ps4/xbox3 can also have mods. Doubt sony/microsoft would allow that but you never know.

And lastly I like having trophies, making beating stuff in the game feel more official.

Each version has it's upside, no reason to trash people who like playing something a different way.

You know I might actually welcome PC gamer's newly found god complexes, people having to listen to their crap for the next few years, suddenly the wii/ps/xbox fanboys are going to get along and we'll have less of a console war because we'll all hate pc gamers way more than we ever hated other console gamers.

User Info: 1618dude

4 years ago#134
airtamis posted...

But after everything you've said... why NOT play it on a console? I mean, the argument you just gave is: "You can play it on a console and a pc just the same, but a pc's more expensive." Which is pretty much a major argument here to NOT play on the pc.

Well, the point I wanted to give is just that some people are really out of clue when talking about PCs. They talk like they prefer the console version because they seem to think that they can't do what the console version can do on PC. The true is that PC can not only play pretty much like the console version, but offers much, much more.
I mean, I think it's impossible that even if you think all mods are crap (I find hard to believe that you have ever used one though if you think that way) you won't find one that suits you.
If you prefer playing laying on the couch and with a big TV, what makes some people think that this is impossible with a pc? some have probably never played the PC version if they think the graphics and performance differences are only subtle.
You're right that some of my arguments are actually helping console users to stay with the console version, but pcs while moar expensive, are hardly THAT MOAR expensive as you seem to think. It's also nice to see that we, elitists d-bags, bastards of gamers community and internets are usually helpful when some console user go to PC board asking for help to build a cheap and good PC (haha some of you guys think you're all saints. I can't honestly believe some of you think that are not any annoying users on your side as well). and well, a lot of people have pcs. why not have a cool one? paying less for some games on the long run is also a good thing that a lot of you seems to ignore.

User Info: LinkBean

4 years ago#135
Arn544 posted...
You know what, PC snobs need to just drink a glass of stfu

Yeah you can spend 2-3k on a PC and run at stuff at max specs, doesn't make low budget people less important than you.

I spent about $600 on my computer and I can play Skyrim on High with the HD texture pack and about 10 different graphical adjustment mods at 60 fps stable. And I get an unofficial patch that fixes all the problems you can't fix in the console versions. Now don't get me wrong, I played the 360 version for about 100 hours, but then I got a gaming PC and replayed it and the difference is like night and day.

User Info: acrylick42

4 years ago#136
GriffRoberts posted...
TC hasn't posted once since he made this topic.

You guys are great.

Lol. Somebody finally noticed.

User Info: G1ANT_SQU1D

4 years ago#137
My PC is terrible, and i am a very poor European.
like for serious, my house doesnt even have heating

User Info: LordAizenSama

4 years ago#138
I understand why you would play on a console. Yes a PC CAN do everything a console does and much more, but it's also a pretty big pain to get it to do so. You need cables to hook it up to a TV, controller, a capable PC. Lot to buy, and pretty useless if you don't care about mods and graphics and already have an Xbox.

I just don't understand people who buy a massive TV, surround sound speakers, a bunch of nice furniture for a "hardcore gaming setup" and then use an Xbox. If you were so concerned with things like that, then a PC is worth the investment.

My hobbies, and life in general, revolve around a PC. So I figured it was worth investing in a good one.
The Heart.

User Info: Gogo726

4 years ago#139
My PC isn't powerful enough, that's why.
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User Info: rayistheman

4 years ago#140
There is nothing you can to dissuade a px gamer...nothing a console can do that a pc cant...

Pc's win just because they are so much more versatile. People like to say well i dont have money to spend on a gaming pc....pc gaming spending is very versatile as well...right now go check tomshardware.com to see their system builders marathon...they always have a $500 pc that will play most games at better settings then console ...to the person saying show me a 7 year old pc that will play this game...well first of all they could play this game if it were at the low settings the 360 plays at lol.

But you say why would i spend 500 dollars to play games when you can spend 200 on a 360...well first let's take a step back and look at this situation as a whole...you are in an arguement right now most likely using a pc dedicated wholly to internet and then you have a console dedicated wholly to gaming? And you think pc gamers arw irrational? Haha...now listen i laugh at pc gamers who spend 2k dollars on a gaming dedicated machine(though in the end we all waste are money on certain things((as well we can and should-it's our money aint it?))) but my budget for my pc is around 700...and it will be a beast of a machine...2k will let you play at 2560x1600 sure but there is no other content besides graphic editing and stuff i guess but i digress! Hahadont say that much! Well to continue...sure i could save some money to play some xbox games but i also want a computer so why not just spend the same amount of money on one thing that can do everything instead of multiple things to do just one thing each.

An example....if i just bought a pc for internet j could spend 400 maybe and then 200 for an xbox(but really most peopls like having the hard drive so 250 ...so thats just 50 dollars for 2 machines instead of one....so you have to waste some space and i wouldn't

I'll give you your community arguement..but i actually have friends that play pc so that'd be no problem for me

Go ahead and ask me anything about pc gaming vs console gaming...there is an answer for every arguement...now if you want a 360 to play thats fine...your money spend it how you want lol..

Btw i have a 360 and have played both pc gaming and console....and my opinion is pc gaming is way better
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