Why do you play this on console instead of PC?

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  3. Why do you play this on console instead of PC?

User Info: Lethalbutters

4 years ago#151
I didn't have a good computer. I didn't know it wouldn't be as good as it is on the pc. I'm used to the console.
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User Info: theIllusionary1

4 years ago#152
Supernautus posted...
Because I want to.
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User Info: SandalFury

4 years ago#153
Aurawhisperer posted...
PC: This game is wayyyyyy better than the console! Makes the console look like some mini gimmick that is unstable for games such as this one!"

Me: That so? Because of these gimmicks; such as xbox and ps3, is the reason why the TES is number one popular throughout all RPG single player games. Plus, all the PC is really is a cheat upgrading system.

PC: But you're missing out the mods!

Me: And you're missing out on the cool DLC's we get before you chumps do. Also, need to mention that I don't need mods to impress my fun?

PC: But you can make your own weapons and world out of mods!

Me: True, but then I would sacrifice 5 years of my life due to deticating my time to Skyrim, all because I'm trying to play as a video game designer of a world/lore that has already been made by the real developers. Again, I won't miss out on it.

PC: But you can make your own enemy territories and possible enemy army that can not end!

Me: Again, I stay my answer from what I said before. I would then suck up 5 years of my life deticating to something that HAS ALREADY BEEN MADE!!! And I buy the game to play it; not overally forge it. Now Halo 4 on thee other hand...

PC: But you can mod females on here to make them naked! They can even attack you and-

Me: Please, just stop. I'm not like every PC elitist that fantasizes themselves being mualed by naked women over a video game. Granted, I do complain about the marriage system, but that's it. But what you just mention on thee other hand, was when I was 17 to 18 years old; when I once didn't have much of a life. Now in my age era, if I wanted a naked woman to mual me, I would just hire up a woman off the streets to do that. But off a video game, is just so damn depressing.

PC: But you can fight a gaint mudcrab!

Me: Yay for the gaint mudcrab... what else is next? Ultimas Prime leaping out of the sky and boom shouting saying "Hear me Dragonborn! For I am Talos; the man of god!" Ya... no.

PC: But PC has much better graphics!

Me: So does the ps3 and xbox 360? I mean, honestly, I don't pay 60 dollars for graphics. That's how you get ripped off. I use to play runescape for god sakes and no matter how crappy the graphics were, I enjoyed the hell out of the game. Though now I don't, because the community sucks.
If you want graphic competition, look at Halo 4. That blows away Skyrim's PC graphic system.

PC: But you'll be able to play TES online!

Me: Now that is a tricky one to argue. Oh wait, no it isn't. It's gonna flop trust me. TES wasn't made to be multi. And the battle systems are going to be so basic, that everyone is just going to be a pure mage or ranger, while being a knight or whatever will render useless. It will be as boring as runescape became, with lack of skill and class; unlike WOW and FF, there were many options to choose from.

PC: But then-

ME: Just shut the hell up. I don't care about your excuses or your so called way of persuasion on trying to get me to love the PC version. It's all the same. The only thing that TES gets out of the PC version are mods and late DLC's. That's it.
Honestly, I rather lay on my bed and play my xbox 360 that I pay for; including live, than to worry for a pc that I would only use for my writing, school work, and future career paths. PC gaming for me is too overrated.

So do me a favor... and shut up with the remarks, before I make you swallow my 8 foot katana.

End of arguement.

I'm pro-console, but this is one of the dumbest posts I've ever seen.
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User Info: ajko000

4 years ago#154
jrr18 posted...
I was kidding.


Sorry for exploding.
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User Info: jrr18

4 years ago#155
ajko000 posted...
jrr18 posted...
I was kidding.


Sorry for exploding.

no problem.
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User Info: suksass

4 years ago#156
Actually Ps3 is more powerfull then people give it credit. It just much harder to programm. The last of us and watchdogs that will be coming out already show promise to elevate it to the ranks of PC.

Also consoles are developing faster then PC. PC players get graphic cards every year that only slightly increase it's perfomance. Consoles come out once every 5 years and are 10times better. And once atomic graphic engine comes out PC will die as a gaming platform as it will no longer have excuse of better graphics. And when combined with ouya PC will have nothing and will be inferior.

User Info: Shaminardrgn

4 years ago#157
Simple answer: because I don't have a fast enough computer yet.

Once I do, you can bet that I'll go to town on the construction kit and make everyone who annoyed me pay very, very, very dearly!

Plus, I'll use all the tasty mods and texture enhancements to my satisfaction.
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User Info: charon78au

4 years ago#158
Yeah, because I want to.

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User Info: PathlessBullet

4 years ago#159
Because PS3 has the power of the cell processor breh. Developers haven't even tapped into its full potential yet breh.
ADD, no. Where is the thread for Fallout OCD players?
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User Info: DarkProtagonist

4 years ago#160
Can't afford/can't be bothered to buy/build a decent gaming PC.
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