What is your least and most favourite part of this game?

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  3. What is your least and most favourite part of this game?

User Info: Lockeadon

4 years ago#11
least- carry weight and my vanished wife (ayla i miss you)
most-much harder to pin down there are so many
everytime i think i've seen it all...
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User Info: Ajd_King

4 years ago#12
L: Writing
M: Environment

User Info: DelDante

4 years ago#13
Saikon4404 posted...
And the other thing: Having to literally use every skill in the game even though I play a character that would never use such. Case in point, my current pure mage who only uses Illusion, Conjuration, Destruction, Restoration, Alteration, and Enchanting. The perk trees can be filled out nearly entirely with 80 perks, or at least, how my build uses it. Problem is, I only use 1/3rd of the skills in the game, thus forcing me to level other things the character simply doesn't use.

Once you get to a certain point, yeah. Not that much of an issue.

Illusion, Conjuration, Destruction, Restoration, Alteration, and Enchanting - If you got to level 81 you wouldn't be able to activate ALL of the perks on these skills anyway.


To get to 81 you would need to use say lock picking, speech etc... which will probably raise as you play the game anyway. Plus you have skill books that raise a skill so you won't even need to use heavy armour and such if you get them.
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User Info: LatchKeyKid

4 years ago#14
Most: Big enemy appears, Dragonborn music plays. Going to Sovengarde. That it's Nord-centric (have always been my favorite race in ES games, I was probably a little too excited when the game was announced as Skyrim).

Least: Typical Bethesda bugs and crashes. Wish fixes were retroactive. I've got like 5 Waters of Oblivion books stuck in my inventory. Can't really think of anything I really dislike about the game itself, but I guess the Fighter's Guild (Companions) was a bit of a let down.
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User Info: Evil_Sandwich

4 years ago#15
Most: killing stuff

Least: teh bugs and glitches

User Info: WhereDidItGo

4 years ago#16
Not really sure what my favorite part of this game would be, since there are so many and hard to choose.

Least favorite would be Blackreach. I always dread going to that place whenever I play new characters.
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User Info: LetsMakeDubstep

4 years ago#17
Most: Blackreach
Least: Blackreach
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User Info: MrGazzo

4 years ago#18
Most: The first time I played this game
Least: The dialogues are kinda bad
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User Info: lightning_omega

4 years ago#19
Most: The fact that it's taken me a year to do just about everything (minus random quests)
Least: That I own it for PS3. Woof. Never again.

User Info: sonic_rockz

4 years ago#20
Most: Playing on the PC
Least: Anything else.
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  3. What is your least and most favourite part of this game?

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