What was your first TES?

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User Info: Sky_Rayquaza

5 years ago#41
Skyrim was my first. Everyone at school was talking about it, so I bought it. I used to talk to the guys I hang out with at lunch about the game, share tips, glitches, etc. back then. After reading that wall of text about Morrowind, I'm gonna try it when I get the chance.
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User Info: SilentS89

5 years ago#42
My first TES was Morrowind. I consider it then and now to be a huge pain to play without mods.

I feel in love with it after I modded it to a tolerable state. Awesome fantasy world with a great story and characters and lore. Could be an awesome book or movie series, Morrowind struggled as a game though.

I've had friends just give up on it after stabbing and missing a mudcrab nine thousand times, only to have it kill them three times.

For me personally, the best thing about the elder scrolls games are immersion, having your character miss so often at point blank range against a mudcrab breaks immersion badly. Apparently I was arrested for having terminally bad hand eye coordination.

Oblivion was better in this aspect, the game didn't constantly remind you it was a game as much. Just don't look under the hood at Oblivion's mechanics.

Skyrim is the best yet. You can just play, you don't have to number crunch so you won't miss everything, you don't have to worry about leveling up stuff you don't need so the leveling system won't fail you.

Some people call this "dumbing down" but I think it is simply improving the immersion of the games. For me it was always about the characters and lore, not grinding unnecessary skills so the leveling system doesn't cripple you. Skyrim added an entire dragon language! That is cool, how many games can say that?

Most old school players don't feel this way, but I do. Its funny that Morrowind is old school these days...

User Info: Cosmic_Diabetic

5 years ago#43
I didn't play Arena but I have watched my uncle play if that counts. I would watch for hours and not get bored.

User Info: NejiHyuga900

5 years ago#44
The Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion. And that is the only Elder Scroll game I have played.
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User Info: gamecube101

5 years ago#45
Played them all, oblivion was my first. I can get into Morrowind, but daggerfall/arena are just too painful to play at this point...

User Info: Brenz0r

5 years ago#46
I don't see Arena in the poll (or Redguard). As such, I cannot respond to it honestly.
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User Info: TheKnifeMonkey

5 years ago#47
Oblivion for me. Completely on a whim too. In the summer of 2010 I got the GOTY edition with all the expansions on it. I never played an RPG in my life before that point. Was really in a rut, just kinda bored with all the games I had.

At that point back then, all I played were sports games, and to be honest back then I always considered the whole RPG/wizard thing soooooo nerdy lol. BUT.....The best 27 bucks I spent in my life on a video game. Changed everything for me & made me not only a huge TES fan, but an RPG fan in general. The level of immersion these games offer can't be compared with any other genre.

User Info: MySkullIsOnFire

5 years ago#48
Skyrim was my first TES. Never really liked rpg's, but this game changed my views on them.
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User Info: qwertyMrJINX

5 years ago#49
Oblivion. A friend told me it was pretty good, so I said "sure, I'll check it out," and check it out I did.
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User Info: reaper329

5 years ago#50
From: Rikashi | #009
Morrowind, but I was clueless and just screwed around a bit.

Regarding your sig, Rikashi.


Dunno if you knew or not. Damn fine book, good TV series. Hope the movie does it justice.

Anyway, Oblivion was mine. Picked it up on a whim, and fell head over heels in love with the thing. Bought Skyrim without a second thought.
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