What was your first TES?

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User Info: Andw96

4 years ago#51
Started with Oblivion, moved to Skyrim, then backtracked to Morrowind on XBOX and then on PC.

User Info: Dyphearr

4 years ago#52
Morrowind. I have close to a 1000 hours in that game and still love it
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User Info: RumSkunk

4 years ago#53
I technically played Oblivion first...

Around the Morrowind days, I saw my friends playing at I wanted no part of it. It didn't look appealing.

Then years later, I kept seeing my family or friends playing Oblivion and it looked fun. I played it, but never got into it... I didn't really try to get into it, I was preoccupied with my time, but yeah.

Then Skyrim was about to be released, and I had no urge at all to play it. I was like, 'Oh another one. Another overhyped fail in the videogame industry.' ... Then all my roommates got it and I played and fell in love with it... Sure it had it's problems but dear Lord was it an epic game.
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User Info: dude86264

4 years ago#54
zerobobo posted...
but i was pretty young, i just ran around doing random crap, never really did quests at all.

morrowind was the first one i actually played proper.

That's how I was when I first played morrowind.
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User Info: Jimmy_Demonic

4 years ago#55
Daggerfall was my first, but it was so long ago I don't remember anything about the game. After that it was Oblivion (first game I got for the 360), and I've dumped over 3,600 hours into Oblivion, all but 200 or so on the 360. I tried to play Morrowind after Oblivion, but the UI/Map/fast travel system from Oblivion kinda ruined me for Morrowind. If anyone know of any Morrowind mods for PC that help it play even a bit more like Oblivion, I'd love to experience the story...not just watch people beat the game in a ten minute YouTube video (using massive exploits lol).

User Info: SLay

4 years ago#56
Morrowind. I remember buying it with no real knowledge of what kinda game it was. It just said "GOTY" so I thought I must own it after buying an XBOX a short time earlier.

AH yes, totally overwhelming. I was so lost that I put the game down for a year before venturing into it again.
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User Info: exitwound5480

4 years ago#57
Oblivion. But yeah, weird he didn't include the Arena option.
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User Info: GriffRoberts

4 years ago#58
It was Skyrim.

Playing the series backwards is hard, since all the conveniences of Skyrim have spoiled me. I want to like Daggerfall, but the f***er crashes too much for me to like it. Looking forward to DaggerXL.

But regardless, Skyrim made me a fan of the whole series. Except Arena. That game is silly. Jagar Tharn is cool though.
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User Info: M4nnimal

4 years ago#59
Daggerfall, on my brother's computer. I only logged like 45 minutes into it, though. Morrowind was the first one I really played.
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User Info: matteus70

4 years ago#60
Arena. Could not get into it. After the UW series it felt much too open. Switched to System Shock. Much better game.

Daggerfall was a buggy mess. I played for three months and ran into a brick wall. Back then the internet was not readily available. I had to wait for patches in issues of PCgamer or CGW, I eventually gave up and played another game. (Crusader:No Regret if I recall)

Morrowind was great. I was "between jobs" at the time and there was an amazing improvement in the ES series. Unfortunately I chose a crappy class and was capped off at level 17 unless I started grinding skills.

Oblivion was enjoyable. I gave up the PC upgrade grind and went with the XBox. I played the vanilla game and didn't dabble too much with the DLC.

Skyrim is great. I'm still playing it a year later DLC and all. 'Nuff said.
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