What was your first TES?

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User Info: BraindeadRacr

5 years ago#61
Played a bit of Daggerfall but never really got too far, Morrowind was my first deep embedded addiction to RPGs.
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User Info: Darth Stalin

Darth Stalin
5 years ago#62
Morrowind. Started and HATED it, oddly enough I could stop playing it. After 5 hours I started to love the game. It is still my fave TES game
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User Info: youshallbeasgod

5 years ago#63
Started with Morrowind and I still remember how pissed I was when my arrows couldn't hit the guy standing like a statue right in front of me.
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User Info: StaticPenguin

5 years ago#64
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User Info: deadpool223

5 years ago#65
oblivion. heard of the series around morrowind but the roll system aint my thing.
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User Info: capcat123

5 years ago#66
Played skyrim first then i went to go play oblivion
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User Info: Geomagnus

5 years ago#67
youshallbeasgod posted...
Started with Morrowind and I still remember how pissed I was when my arrows couldn't hit the guy standing like a statue right in front of me.

I had the exact same experience. Started it up, found a guide on this website, made my character according to the recommendations, spent a few hours trying to steal THIS ONE KEY sitting on a shelf near the guy who ends your character creation sequence, get some gear that's geared towards what my character does, and head into what the guide called "Baby's First Dungeon"; something meant to be an ease into the game's fighting mechanics.

I head in there and kill the melee bandit and the ranged bandit (using cheats so that my health continually refills, since I had the XBOX version). Then, I meet a mage, and for some reason, I just CANNOT hit him. Despite my epic health regen cheats, he still killed me. I just sat there, stunned, completely unsure of what the hell just happened. All of my attacks missed, and the mage killed me, despite the cheats I was using. I don't usually play games with cheats unless I feel it'd be fun, and in this case, not even cheats could make up for poor luck. Stopped playing it, never picked it up again. When I'm playing a first-person style game, I expect that when my giant freaking sword cleaves through their bodies, that it will AT LEAST take damage.

User Info: SoulRegalia

5 years ago#68
I had oblivion but I hated it, decided to give skyrim a chance and I'm glad I did.
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User Info: Schesparn

5 years ago#69
Morrowind. I actually wanted to try an MMORPG for the first time, and I thought it was one. xD I was kind of a silly kid.
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User Info: Hitman1102

5 years ago#70
TheBestFaller posted...
Technically, Morrowind. Tried it, hated it, forgot about it. Played Oblivion, fell in love, went back and played Morrowind, was reminded why I hated it. Damn game was more of a chore to play than it was fun at times.

pretty much the same for me except i skipped Oblivion and went with Skyrim
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