Seems like a lot of console Skyrim players hate the Skyrim PC crowd

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  3. Seems like a lot of console Skyrim players hate the Skyrim PC crowd

User Info: jaydig

4 years ago#101
pyro_bunta posted...
...Why this topic?....

That's what I'm wondering. I'm glad you added "hurr durr". to your amazing topic. We just don't see that enough.

User Info: jonsushi

4 years ago#102
IamI3rian posted...
Tyrannical posted...
PC players need to stay out of the 360 forums.

That go for me too, on my PS3?

Cause I've contributed more in a single week than you have in your entire GFAQS career.

Just throwing that out there.

And you are..? Who are you?

Congrats on totally missing his point though.

No one likes a(n) *******. :)

I can't believe this topic has existed as long as it has. Oh, wait, I forgot where I am. Of course it's continuing.
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User Info: Xeku

4 years ago#103
pyro_bunta posted...
Fenriswolf posted...
Oblivion and Fallout has already been ruined by the countless anime mods like Mystic Elves, and I'd hate to see the same thing happen to Skyrim.

You could always not use it. Those type of mods doesn't mean that automatically every person's game becomes like that.

Right - but that would take effort, wouldn't it?
I mean, it's available, right? So, naturally he would have to install it and ruin his own personal experience (which seemingly grants him the right to speak on others behalf)...I'll have to assume, due to a complete lack of self control.

Yes, I'm being sarcastic.

On top of this, it's a really poor example of an "anime" mod, in addition to the fact that's it is absolutely ancient by mod standards...

User Info: Minion3

4 years ago#104
I have a PC that can play Skyrim perfectly but.. I just choose to play it on my 360.

Less issues and just feels better to me.
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User Info: ljobenza

4 years ago#105
RebelElite791 posted...
DahlVaughnni posted...
Console players are butthurt losers, plainly put. If my PC were good enough to run this on max settings, I would gladly play on PC. Better aiming, better graphics, better controls, mods, higher framerate. What's not to like? The only problem I have is with the DLC.

But instead you are, in fact, one of those butthurt losers. Go back to your kiddie DS games and leave the big boys to talk.

Kiddie DS games? Are you being hypocritical on purpose.

User Info: Ebak_the_cat

4 years ago#106
LolOkay posted...
PC players are 30+ virgin neckbearded social pariah perverts that feast off of their parents' money.

Serious Answer: PC is undeniably better. But when PC players come to a console board and tell everyone that has problems to get a mod, it becomes grating.

Also this: Exhibit A

Tequila_Shot posted...
Return it, save up, and get a good PC.

And don't give me any grief about them being too expensive. I bought a relatively decent one for $1500, making minimum wage at Burger King. "Too expensive" is just a petty excuse.

But don't tarnish us all with the same brush. I'm a PC owner and own Skyrim...but I don't tell people to 'get mods' for their problems because that doesn't help and is arrogant.
Video Game Design Graduate - University Campus Suffolk - Class of 2012

User Info: Rafedx

4 years ago#107
pyro_bunta posted...
Also throw down NSFW mods as a reason that all PC players are perverts. Why the generalization? Not every PC gamer is an elitist (hurr durr PC masturrace). Gotta admit that the PC version for Skyrim is undeniably better than the console versions if only because of mods. Especially the ones that fix problems from Bethesda and enhancing the visuals. Most console owners don't really know the modding community because they never visit modding sites for Skyrim. They're practically fixing Bethesda's mess for free. Oh and before you start rambling about porn mods, you won't find them unless you look for it.
Don't imply that some perverts = every PC gamer.

Why this topic? Just saying. Not trying to prove that PC gamers are superior, but the game (Skyrim) that is better on PC between platforms. Honestly, I only get PC games only if it has the better version of a multiplat game.

PC players goto the 360 and PS3 forums to talk about how much better the PC is.
360 players goto the PC and PS3 forums to talk about how much better the 360 is.
PS3 players goto the PC and 360 forums to talk about how much better the PS3 is.

You see where I am going with this? There are idiots from all sides, the ones that feel the need to rub something in like the lack of DLC for PS3, or all the issues that are not and probably will not be fixed on the PS3 and 360. Trolls are gonna troll, this also explains why people hate on something without every actually playing it, seeing it, or reading anything on it.

People like to generalize, you generalized the console crowd by saying a lot of them hate the PC crowd. --> Terra: a Science Fiction Webcomic / Updates every 15th of the month.

User Info: suksass

4 years ago#108
maxmansupa posted...
Virauge posted...
pyro_bunta posted...
Well, I felt the game was easy even on Master. Enchanting and Alchemy literally breaks the game.
You can also abuse staggering by using power attacks with stamina absorbing swords, stealth and bows makes enemies die way too easily, magic doesn't scale with your skill level, and you can only bring one follower. Really, it's not until I've played far into the game did I notice this. The are problems with the game just like any other game. Incidentally it's the gameplay of Skyrim that isn't balanced.

Multiplayer games need balance to add fairness. Single player games do not need to have balance.

Who plays a single player game and wants to be dramatically underpowered throughout the game? The beauty of Skyrim is you can choose to be underpowered or overpowered. I don't understand why your complaining about mechanics you admit you use. If it's that easy, play on master and don't use Alchemy and enchanting.

That is the best part, you can choose how difficult the game is for you more than just setting the difficulty.

Actually, yes, single player games also have to be balanced, otherwise you shed people who find the game either too hard or too easy. And most gamers don't play games that they find too hard or too easy.

then no game is ever balanced. Everyone have different perspective on hard and easy

User Info: Cast_Supremacy

4 years ago#109
Oh dear...

Searched for hair in nexus just now, and the top result is a pubic hair mod for naked females, with another one further down.

User Info: 1618dude

4 years ago#110
Cast_Supremacy posted...
Oh dear...

Searched for hair in nexus just now, and the top result is a pubic hair mod for naked females, with another one further down.

I'm pretty sure the most endorsed hair mod is "apachi" and if you keep scrolling down you still can find many good options. besides, just block adult content if you don't want see mods like that. you guys make such big deal for stuff like this when it's so simple to avoid.
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  3. Seems like a lot of console Skyrim players hate the Skyrim PC crowd

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