Aetherial Crown

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User Info: 77svil

4 years ago#1
No patch has fixed equipping Aetherial Crown + falmer helmet right?

Is there an easy location to find a falmer helmet because I went through all of tolvar cave and didn't get one and lost to the ages falmer didnt drop it.

And just to make sure equipping Aetherial Crown + falmer helmet won't mess up my heavy armor perks (haven't invested yet) If the bug still works kind of cemented me into heavy armor (Aetherial Crown + falmer helmet + rest of equipment dragon heavy armor)

User Info: agentspoon

4 years ago#2
The Dwemer Ruin Mojll (Sp?) asks you to raid always has a set at the end.
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User Info: obishawn

4 years ago#3
Shimmer Mist cave, very close to Whiterun, just northeast. Simple cave, you don't even need to clear it, there's a helmet not far in.
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User Info: obishawn

4 years ago#4
Also, just because you wear the heavy armor falmer helmet doesn't mean you have to go all heavy armor. I wear all light armor and use either an enchanted circlet or dragon priest mask with a falmer helmet. Having the combination actually lets you level both skills.
Winter is coming

User Info: 77svil

4 years ago#5
just noticed lover comfort + ancient knowledge + lover stone + warrior stone = 65% for blacksmith and 50% for the warrior skills lol

User Info: jammymacster

4 years ago#6
Ancient Knowledge doesn't actually work correctly. Rather than increase your smithing experience by 15% it just fortifies your smithing skill by 15% instead.
It still helps give a bit more experience when tempering items though due to the increased value.
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User Info: JohnnyG118

4 years ago#7
For the record, the Penitus Oculatus helmet works the same as the Falmer Helmet, and you can ALWAYS find one on the guard located in Dragon's Bridge. You will have to kill him for it though, or have the requisite pickpocketing perks to steal equipped items.

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