What do you dupe?

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User Info: oni20002

4 years ago#61
I never cheated in a multiplayer game but I have used the ogma glitch on my 3rd character after completing the game with two other characters. However I don't think I'll be duping in skyrim because it is not like oblivion duping which was probably the most awesome glitch I've ever seen in a game.

As to the whole duping thing, I feel like this type of thing isn't important to bethesda, I mean they allow mods and you can do way way more game breaking things with mods. I'm sure if the xbox could run a creation kit they would be all for it. Things like duping and other exploits wouldn't be an issue. Everyone would be free to play the game their way like they are on the PC.

User Info: Folstern

4 years ago#62
I don't dupe anything. Cheating is for babbys.

User Info: Pyralar

4 years ago#63
I'm unfamiliar with this term... "Babby"...

Is that someone who doesn't derive their sense of masculinity from playing a single player game "hardcore"?

- Plus/Minus

User Info: jrr18

4 years ago#64
Pyralar posted...
I'm unfamiliar with this term... "Babby"...

Is that someone who doesn't derive their sense of masculinity from playing a single player game "hardcore"?


It's a term used to refer to the future of humanity.
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User Info: Pyralar

4 years ago#65
Huh! What do you know...typing "Babby" into wikipedia takes you to baby... and goggle seems to agree!

Well don't I look like a jackass now!
- Plus/Minus

User Info: DigablePlanets

4 years ago#66
JohnnyG118 posted...
Wveth posted...

That's the slippery slope fallacy, and guilt by association, both of which are completely illogical.

I've experienced enough irritation through exploiters and cheaters to write off the entire process and anyone who practices it. You're working with the assumption that I shouldn't be generalizing, which I'm more than comfortable doing.

Moreover, nobody here has actually been able to answer my counter question - what is the NEED to duplicate in a game like this? You aren't going to gain any sort of advantage or unique experience through it, so why bother at all? Is this not just exploitation for the sake of exploitation?

I realize I'm beating a dead horse that should've long since been turned into dog food, but I can't help myself (plus, forensics is oh so much fun). What is the NEED to duplicate in a game like this? Frankly, there isn't one. That's obvious. May I pose a question to you, sir?

What is the NEED to play any video game in general? Clearly, as above, there is no need to play one, simply a desire. We want to play games because they're fun. Necessity has absolutely NOTHING to do with gaming.

Similarly, duplicating items isn't necessary in the slightest. People do it because it's FUN for them. Why you brought necessity into the equation escapes me, since NOTHING that we do in gaming is born out of necessity.

One more thing. You ask (albeit implicitly) why one shouldn't generalize? Because it's a dangerous fallacy and indicative of poor creativity and weak mental faculties (oops, there I go generalizing again).

If I were to generalize, I would posit that based off your tone and unsolicited soapbox sermon that you're quite smug, full of yourself, and harbor an unwavering conviction that what you believe is right with few (if any) exceptions. I gleaned that from your word choice and tone, previous experience with people who have similarly articulated their points in a discussion, and your willingness to paint so many people with the large swaths of the same brush, not to mention your red herring argument bemoaning TC's lack of proper punctuation and grammar in a previous post. You'd make one hell of a sophist. In short, based on generalizations, you're a supercilious, incendiary narcissist. Not true, you say? Well, previous experience extrapolated into wide-sweeping generalizations begs to differ.

For the record, I've never duped, but I'd have absolutely no problem doing it. I've taken advantage of glitches in the past (how else was I supposed to get that 9th sword orb in Secret of Mana?), and will continue to do so in the future. Conversely, I've never cheated in an online game and never will.

I'm less articulate than a nominally trained circus bear, so I hope you get the point I'm trying to make. Different strokes for different folks. What's fun for Person A may not be fun for Person B, and that applies to gaming in a micro and macro sense.
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User Info: Elprede007

4 years ago#67
Duped headsmans axe
"Puttin' that in the poem!"
Can't get enough albino spider pods and gems to keep up with how fast this crazy old man character flings them at people, so some duping is a necessary evil for Arachnimancy.
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User Info: Leichenschmaus

4 years ago#69
Way too much. But none of it was supposed to happen... >:(

User Info: blade4u98

4 years ago#70
I dupe the spider grenades. Mainly because the albino spiders wont respawn in my game.
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